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Film Premiere

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A film premiere is the culmination of a lot of work involving many people. It offers a way to celebrate a milestone for all the people involved. It also offers a visible event or events to introduce the film to the public and create buzz with red carpet interviews, cast photos, fan involvement, and other elements to start the film down the path of global success!

If you're looking for catering for a film premiere, usually there are a few elements where we typically get involved...

Film Premiere VIP Events

A film premiere often celebrates an artistic work involving the effort and support of many talented people. Creating a separate space for those VIPs to celebrate and share private moments can often help them to have their moments in a big-picture premiere environment that may include media interviews, red carpet, fans, behind the scenes filming, etc. You might find that the brilliant minds that put together the current film might just be ready to get the gang back together again to take on the next creative challenge... As a caterer, this often means we can set up a separate area that feels a bit different from the main part of an event. Sometimes it's a bit slower and quieter, allowing for private conversations. Sometimes it's a bit more tailored to the tastes of the people on the marquee.

Themed Fan Engagement

Some film premieres take a few (hundred) lucky fans into the world of the movie. Whether that's a world with castles and magic or a lush newly-discovered planet, every little detail can help that world come to life (and photographed and dissected on social media). As a caterer, we love the challenge of creating something memorable, presentable, and creative that brings that world to life for the super fan.

Film Premiere Press Areas

The press covering a film premiere often have an involved schedule. Keeping their energy up, voices hydrated, and hunger at bay can mean some additional positive write-ups and interview clips in the resulting coverage. As a caterer, this often means creating easy to graze spreads that allow for the press to grab a few bites or grab something energetic and run. We often like to make these items quick to eat and makeup and clothing friendly so as to keep those on camera feeling confident and looking their best.

Recommended Film Premiere Catering Menus

Example Film Premiere Events

Film Premiere of Little Women

We had the pleasure of putting together a sunflower themed staff uniform and menu for a film premiere of Little Women at Harmony Gold.

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Film Premiere @ The Grove: "Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway"

Last September, we had the pleasure of catering the film premiere of "Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway," which was hosted at The Grove.…

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Film Premiere Photo Gallery

Server passing bubbly
Crowd at party
Sunflower Themed Cupcakes
Rockin the Peabody
Breakfast Quiches and Parfaits
Stations display at film premiere of Thomas the Train: King of the Railway
Kids lounge area at film premiere of Thomas the Train: King of the Railway at The Grove
Thomas the Train Film Premiere Toy
Popcorn Display
Thomas the Train Cake Pops
Mac N' Cheese Croquettes
Mini vegetable quesadillas
Train Conductor Uniforms
Thomas the Train Film Premiere Dessert Sign
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