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We Believe Weddings Should Start with a Focus on People

A wedding is a day where family and friends from all over come together to celebrate the formation of a new family. It can also come with pressure to invite enough people to fill a yearbook, book an entire museum, design a hotel ballroom, sign up for a magazine photoshoot, and bring in both a classical ensamble and a cover band. Oh and have a celebrity chef build a fine dining restaurant in a back alley.

If putting all that together will give you the wedding you've always dreamed of within a budget that has already been set aside, then we're happy to take all that on to do something truly special.

However, if all that looking for inspiration brings pressure rather than fun, we recommend stepping back to remember what it is that you want to get out of your wedding anyway. Let's focus on elements that are the important to you and your families to ensure you put together an event that connects you closer with the people who have come to celebrate with you!

We find that our happiest post-wedding couples really enjoyed sharing a few stories or inside jokes with their wedding guests that were featured over the night. They enjoyed finding a really interesting invitation or favor that would frame the beginning and end for their guests. They enjoyed the stories told by the people who got up to speak, that may have involved some good natured ribbing. They enjoyed meeting or catching up with family, friends, and family friends in the receiving line... and seeing their moves on the dance floor (who knew Uncle Jack could swing Aunt Marge like that?). They cherish the feeling of being loved and supported by a group that came there just to celebrate them.

We promise that our focus for your wedding will be on creating a great experience for the important people in your life who you've asked to come. Whether you bring a strong vision or want to get a better sense of some starting points, we're here to help. We offer an intelligent thought partner, a warm and professional team, a detailed-focused process, and resources from over a decade of working on high profile events. We look forward to making your wedding a special day that helps shape many others to come.

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We partner with you to make important events successful

Designed Thoughtfully

Intelligent event producers work with you to design your event menu, decor, flow, experiences, and timeline to achieve your event's broader goals and treat your guests to a great experience.

Crafted Lovingly

Experienced chefs and event teams deliver and execute your event's details at a high level using highly skilled chefs, high quality ingredients, professional equipment, detailed recipes, and time-tested processes.

Presented Beautifully

Delicious and gorgeous food greets your guests presented on a garnished tray with a friendly smile*, on beautiful risers or a display*, combined with interesting serving pieces*, or packaged in eco-friendly disposables.

Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! It's an amazing time where you get to connect with family and friends in a unique and gratifying way. At the same time, we understand how confusing and overwhelming the whole process can be and we're here to help.

While we are not a wedding planner, we are happy to help guide you through the wedding process and provide resources and put you in touch with reputable vendors to help you determine the right answers to you for key questions such as:

  • Where in Los Angeles are good locations for my wedding?
  • What are good dates for my wedding?
  • How much will my wedding cost? How can I save money without sacrificing quality?
  • How many guests should I invite?
  • What are good venues for the ceremony and the reception?
  • What kind of reception do I want to have (format, food, decor, music, entertainment)?
  • What kind of food do I want to serve my guests?

Feel free to give us a call and talk to us about your vision for your wedding - we'd love to help point you in the right direction and see if we'd be able to help you create your dream wedding!

Wedding Reception Venue Options:

  • At-Home Wedding:We love when brides want to get married at home! Worried about space? We have a ton of experience designing and executing some really beautiful home weddings. From setting up kitchens outdoors to ensuring you have enough power – we know what it takes to ensure a beautifully flawless home wedding
  • Outdoors Wedding (Beach, Park):While we aren't a planner and there is some permitting work that may be involved, we're happy to help you throw a unique event in an outdoor space. Let us know what you're thinking!
  • Wedding Venue of your Choosing:Have a specific venue in mind? We will arrange a site visit with you and the venue contact to ensure we understand what is required to work at that venue and we will collaborate with them to ensure no detail is missed
  • Need a Venue? We can Help!: We have relationships with a number of wedding venues in the LA area – from modern urban retreats to beautiful homes and estates overlooking ocean views or gorgeous vineyards. Allow us to suggest a venue that matches your vision for the day and your personal style. Want to get married in a corn field? We can do that too.

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