A summer-filled tablescape bursting with floral and fresh citrus

Couture Wedding Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully!

Couture Wedding Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully!

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Why Bite?

We partner with you to make important events successful

Designed Thoughtfully

Intelligent event producers work with you to design your event menu, decor, flow, experiences, and timeline to achieve your event's broader goals and treat your guests to a great experience.

Crafted Lovingly

Experienced chefs and event teams deliver and execute your event's details at a high level using highly skilled chefs, high quality ingredients, professional equipment, detailed recipes, and time-tested processes.

Presented Beautifully

Delicious and gorgeous food greets your guests presented on a garnished tray with a friendly smile*, on beautiful risers or a display*, combined with interesting serving pieces*, or packaged in eco-friendly disposables.

Wedding Catering Formats and Options

Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Catering Designed To Bring Families Together

A wedding is an important moment - it is a union between two people that celebrates love, commitment, and the joining of families and tribes. In a less abstract way, it is also the gathering of people important to the couple and their families and often the source of conversations, stories, photos, and other memories that reinforce the social bonds between far-flung families and provide great photos of grandparents and parents and children and aunts and uncles and cousins that may be a source of comfort and remembrance later in life. How often do we get to get dressed up these days and have everyone we love look their best?

By the time you've come to us for catering, you've probably picked your venue and possibly your planner so there may be quite a bit already locked in. If you'd like to get ideas early, we'd love to help (we have our own venue - see 440 Elm below -- and we know and love many others that we'd be thrilled to refer you to if you give us a sense of what would give you goosebumps!)

Our catering is designed for couples who love hospitality and food and drink and want to make their menu and service something personal that reflects them. With Bite, your not selecting a few options off a set menu for your wedding (to start we have way more than one menu!). We'll draw from those menus and our conversations to put something together that reflects an experience you want to share with your guests. That may reflect a shared experience, formative family meals, food that was there for celebrations or cravings that always hit the spot (there's room for at least one of those in a late night snack offering).

If you love certain things, let us know. If you want your guests to feel or interact a certain way, we love that discussion (there are indeed hard trade-offs between buffet + action stations vs. family-style vs plated). If you want to get technical on flow or timing or timelines or how people can talk across tall centerpieces or what is possible with that tiny little kitchen and a no flame policy in the venue you've already contracted...hey we're happy to go there with you as well.

We're thoughtful people (including skilled chefs and service people) who love food and design challenges...let us help you put something memorable together for your wedding day!

Couture Wedding Catering Photos

Bride and Groom Saying 'I Do'
Picnic-inspired wedding set-up for micro wedding
Simply perfect citrus and floral garnished custom buttercream wedding cake
An elegant picnic-inspired tablescape
Black, blush and gold tablescape
A bit of romance at the dinner table
Our beautiful bride is escorted to her handsome groom in the family's backyard
A summer-filled tablescape bursting with floral and fresh citrus
First Bite of Cake!
Wedding Photos - Kissing under the lanterns
Korakia Pensione Wedding
Mini Shiraz Marinated Lamb Burgers
Malibu Home Backyard Wedding Reception with Ocean View
Rustic Artisan Cheese and Charcuterie Display
Mini Burger on Homemade Brioche and Truffle Fries
Elegant signature wedding cocktail
Raised blini with smoked salmon, caviar, creme fraiche and dill
Bride and groom during the cake cutting
Wedding cake with fruit and floral decor
Charcuterie carving station for a wedding
Kelsey & Anthony's Wedding
1920's Bride and Groom
First Dance
Signature cocktails
A fresh, floral and citrus summer wedding table

Wedding Events

Where and How We Cater Weddings

We love to cater weddings in nice places across the Los Angeles (generally between Camarillo and Pasadena) and Orange County region with the occasional foray into Ventura County or Palm Springs.

We value a few things that might matter to you in selecting a caterer for your wedding:

  • We believe that great hospitality starts early by providing people their first drink and bite quickly (often, right on arrival or after the ceremony depending on the timeline). This means we need to be prepared to replenish and circulate quickly so as to get everyone comfortable and eliminate initial lines
  • We believe that hospitality comes from having great people who are oriented towards service and are staffed in ratios that allow them to provide that service to each guest. We'll share with you choices on format and staffing ratios that reflect this belief that we should set your team up for success
  • We believe that a detailed plan may need to be adjusted on the day, but that the process of creating it will enable a great experience for your guests. We have invested heavily in tools (e.g., Merri at our venue, Timeline Genius for our events, SOPs) that allow our team to perform as the highly trained professionals they are
  • We believe that the catering provided should be well executed, beautifully presented, delicious, memorable, excite the senses, and feel like it was seasoned with the love and care that our team puts into each event.

If you believe similar things, we'd love to chat about catering for your wedding! Our process involves

  1. taking to you (and potentially important family members) about your vision
  2. understanding the requirements, including the capabilities and layout of your venue
  3. putting together a few options that highlight different ways that we can approach your wedding catering
  4. going deep on the version that is the most compelling to you

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