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A summer-filled tablescape bursting with floral and fresh citrus

Planning your Los Angeles Micro Wedding

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Planning your Los Angeles Micro Wedding

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Micro Wedding Menus

Give us all the intimate celebrations! We love them - always have, always will.

Defining Micro Wedding

A micro wedding typically includes a confirmed guest list from 10- 50 with a focus on only the very closest of family and friends, making them extremely personal. They can be held at a smaller venue or even in the privacy of your own backyard. We feel like there’s something so intimate about having people join you in a place you’ve already created so many memories in.

With Micro, the Benefits Are Maximized

  • Flexibility - As with all smaller events, micro weddings give you much more flexibility on when and where you have them. A smaller wedding allows more room for creativity, focus on highly personalized details, customization and seamless coordination.
  • The smaller the wedding, the more time you have to connect with guests individually. Couples who choose micro weddings invite only the closest family and friends that they want to guarantee an experience with. (And how special does it feel, to be a guest included in that?!). With a small group, you will have the time to dance with each guest. You will be able to sit with the important people in your life and have quality time with them. This is a moment neither of you will forget.
  • Your Instagram dream wedding is more likely to happen - enabling you to lavish fewer guests with something memorable and special rather than more guests with something....mediocre. Love lobster and filet mignon and truffles? Treat yourself (and your guests) to all the things. Does your groom love rare whiskeys? Incorporate a whiskey tasting! Love the idea of fun touches like a fresh cotton candy cart? Yessss!
  • With a micro wedding, less means so much more

Micro Wedding Menu Design

  • A micro wedding allows for complete flexibility - whether the traditional flow of a wedding (cocktail hour, seated dinner, dessert, cake, etc) or a more free-flowing cocktail style affair. Looking for something simple and elegant? Consider an extended post ceremony cocktail hour - as long as you communicate to your guests what to expect, they'll love whatever you do and know how to plan for themselves accordingly.
  • Individual Portions - For cocktails, appetizers and any other item that may traditionally be shared or served, opt for individual servings. Small bottles of premixed cocktails or a bottle of champagne on ice per each dinner table, is not only great for guest comfort, it can be a very special moment as well. Consider mini charcuterie plates per person, individually boxed hors d'oeuvres, a picnic basket filled with goodies or individual birthday cakes when the occasion calls for it. Get creative, make it personal and guests will simply think about the charm of each touch rather than the purpose driving the presentation. Each item will feel like a special gift.
  • What's for dinner - A more intimate guest count means you can splurge and customize a menu that is really reflective of your or your theme - and as you'll definitely have time to eat, make it a menu you are excited to sit down with loved ones and enjoy!
  • Service style - right now, self-serve buffets, stations and family-style are just not considered safe - but it doesn't mean they aren't possible. We've worked hard to create beautiful staffed buffets and stations to create services that feel luxurious, tailored and that are safe. Our job is to be sure your guests can relax and enjoy your day safely and we've gone to great lengths to ensure that happens.
  • Design for Ease and Success - Planning a backyard wedding is nothing like planning a dinner party. There are many elements to consider that won't normally come into play - especially if your guests count is beyond just a few guests - power requirements, parking, bathrooms, kitchen set-up (most home kitchens will not be able to handle a larger guest count), lighting, temperature control, rentals and flow are a few things that need to be carefully planned.

We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Micro Wedding Inspiration Photos

A fresh, floral and citrus summer wedding table
The Bridge and Groom say their vows in front of an intimate gathering of closest family and friends
The bride and groom say their vows in front of an intimate gathering of closest friends and family in the bride's backyard of her family home in Woodland Hills
The guests toast the new Mr. and Mrs!
Individually cocktail bites
Simply perfect citrus and floral garnished custom wedding cake
Simply perfect citrus and floral garnished custom buttercream wedding cake
Elegantly pre-plated individual portions for guests to graze on during the wedding cocktail hour
Summer florals burst with color on the wedding reception table
Beautiful summer tablesetting
The groom feeds his beautiful bride and bite of their wedding cake
Individually portioned bloody mary shrimp cocktail shooters
 A show stopping chocolate-passionfruit dome dessert fora spectacular micro wedding meal finish
Minimoney at a Houdini Estate micro-wedding
Elegant black, gold and blush tablesetting at Houdini Estate
Elegant signature wedding cocktail
an elegant tablescape
Elegant cotton candy service
an elegant cotton candy bar
An elegant cotton candy bar
Signature cocktails
An elegant picnic-inspired tablescape
An elegant family-style cheese board
Elegant family-style charcuterie platter
Raised blini with smoked salmon, caviar, creme fraiche and dill
Luxurious and lush family-style wedding tablesetting
Picnic-inspired wedding set-up for micro wedding
Picnic-inspired wedding tablescape at Houdini Estate
Picnic inspired tablescape with custom picnic basket, summer florals and charcuterie
Summer wedding picnic baguettes in basket
Elegant wedding tablescape with family-style cheese and charcuterie
An elegant tablescape
Proud father of the bride gives his daughter away
Signature summer wedding cocktails-Lime Prickly Pear and Watermelon Margaritas
A glorious summery tablesetting for a late summer wedding in Bel Air
A glorious summery tablesetting for a late summer wedding in Bel Air
A glorious summery tablesetting for a late summer wedding in Bel Air featuring seasonal floral

Recommended Menus

California Citrus Inspired Menu
Citrus is a gorgeous theme for a spring or summer wedding - with this seasonal and market-inspired menu, it shines!

Download PDF: California Citrus Inspired Menu

California Citrus Inspired Menu
Elegant Steakhouse Menu
An elegant old-school Hollywood plated steakhouse menu

Download PDF: Elegant Steakhouse Menu

Elegant Steakhouse Menu
Grazing & Bites Menu
An elegant cocktail-style menu designed to endulge your guests in a full meal of bites and allowing them to graze and mingle freely.

Download PDF: Grazing & Bites Menu

Grazing & Bites Menu
Elegant Picnic Menu
Picnic Experience - the perfect way to celebrate or socially distance whether at home or at your perfect spot in nature! Our picnic menu comes packed in either brown handle bags, paper boxes with twine or, for a really special touch, as us about sourcing elegant picnic baskets for you!

Download PDF: Elegant Picnic Menu

Elegant Picnic Menu
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