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Press: Throw a Great Party in a Small Apartment Space (Apartment Guide)

We were named a local expert on ApartmentGuide. Read the full article here:

5 Tips on How to Throw a Great Party in a Small Apartment Space

the TL;DR:

  1. Create the party around an intimate group
  2. Clear out a central area that works for the smaller group event
  3. Take a few small steps to create an inviting atmosphere
  4. Plan a simple menu
  5. Don't forget about balcony, patio, or other common space

Feasting on Innovation: Inside the Microsoft-Minecraft International Summit!

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the ultimate convergence of tech and creativity – the Microsoft-Minecraft International Summit!

Picture this: A corporate gathering of all lovers of Minecraft, where innovation collides with imagination, and the only limit is the boundaries of users and attendees creativity. But hold onto our pickaxes, because at this summit, the surprises aren't just in the pixels – they're on the plates too!

Setting the Stage

As the sun rose over the pixelated horizon through…

A Bat Mitzvah Hosted by Playa Studios!

In the heart of Culver City, beneath the starlit sky, Playa Studios stood transformed into a rustic ski chalet, echoing with the excitement of Madi's Bat Mitzvah. The air was alive with the buzz of anticipation as guests arrived, greeted by the warm ambiance and alpine charm that enveloped the venue.

The evening began with a cocktail hour that set taste buds tingling and conversations flowing. Passed food bites, carefully curated to delight even the most…

Fashion Your Network

Bite was proud to partner with one of its longtime clients for its "Fashion Your Network" event celebrating it's woman-owned maker businesses. The event centered around a a tradeshow where guests and businesses could explore an increidble array of beautiful (and delicious) products while sipping on cocktails and enjoying a variety of tray-passed hors d'oeuvres and grazing display.

Simple Romance

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Millwick served as the enchanting backdrop for Emily and Garth's wedding day, a celebration of simple romance and exquisite culinary delights. As the chosen caterer for this special occasion, our team embarked on a journey to create a menu that would complement the couple's love story and delight the taste buds of all their guests.

Passed Appetizers:

The evening commenced with an array of carefully crafted passed appetizers, each…

A Feast To Remember

Tucked away in the vibrant heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the Millwick wedding venue is a sanctuary to celebrate of love, laughter, and culinary delights. Kelsey and Anthony, a couple known for their casual charm, envisioned a wedding that would bring everyone together through the universal language of food. As the privileged caterer for this exceptional occasion, our team embarked on a journey to craft a menu that mirrored the couple's easygoing spirit while ensuring…

Press Feature (Redfin): 5 holiday hosting tips

We were named a local expert by Redfin.

Check out the article we were featured in:

The Art of Hosting: 5 Tips for Hosting Guests During the Holidays

Influencer Day for a New Coconut Product Line

We helped a beautiful haircare brand host an influencer day filled with tutorials, wellness services, and delicious food. The company was launching a new product line centered around coconut oil, so naturally we had to make coconut the star of the show. With guests that are social media icons, a focus on presentation was of the utmost importance. Everything had to be full of color, clean lines, and create a truly instagramable moment. Incorporating creative…

Promoting a Vegan/Gluten-Free Pasta for a Brand

Agency H5 reached out to us a few months ago with the goal of promoting their client’s product (ZENB Pasta) to a new market. Based in Chicago, Agency H5 needed a reliable LA team to help prep, distribute, and successfully execute over 12,000 samples throughout Smorgasburg and Vegandale events.

Executing food samples at an outdoor food market comes with a number of challenges that together with Agency H5 we had to design and solve for.…

Private School New Facilities - Time to get the Community Excited!

This private school is breaking ground on a brand new gymnasium, football field, baseball field and gym facility. It was time to get the parents, alumni, donors, and faculty on board! The school wanted donors to feel appreciated and student families to feel excited. There were a few challenges to work through to accomplish good flow and great guest experience.

  • With almost 400 guests, flow was super important. We decided to do all tray passed bites…

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