Corporate Event & Meeting Catering - Los Angeles and Orange County

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully!

Corporate Event & Meeting Catering - Los Angeles and Orange County

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully!

Why Bite?

We partner with you to make important events successful

Designed Thoughtfully

Intelligent event producers work with you to design your event menu, decor, flow, experiences, and timeline to achieve your event's broader goals and treat your guests to a great experience.

Crafted Lovingly

Experienced chefs and event teams deliver and execute your event's details at a high level using highly skilled chefs, high quality ingredients, professional equipment, detailed recipes, and time-tested processes.

Presented Beautifully

Delicious and gorgeous food greets your guests presented on a garnished tray with a friendly smile*, on beautiful risers or a display*, combined with interesting serving pieces*, or packaged in eco-friendly disposables.

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Antipasto display at the Paramour Estate
Branded Coconuts
Stacked Pear Salad Plateup
Table for Plated Dinner
Salted caramel pot de creme
Olive Oil Station Closeup
EAT Sign
Crab Cucumber Canape Overlooking Display
Plated Poached Scallop
Market Display with Bites
Tables Set up For Plated Dinner at Sunset
Breakfast Pastries and Fruit
Executive Retreat Discussion Area
Company BBQ Guests at Cocktail Hour
Company BBQ Server Serving Guests
Lighting Candles for Evening Dinner

Corporate Event Catering

Bite Catering Couture offers a caterer focused on tailoring programs and menus and service options to make your corporate program or event a success. In corporate events, surveys generally reflect that food and beverage options as well as a feeling of hospitality are important elements that drive event attendance and extended participation. Great hospitality sets the mood and keeps people in a state where they want to stick around and participate in the experience or conversation.

We're an active participant in the conversations around office-based catering and events in this post-Covid era of hybrid/ remote teams and flexible schedules. If your more stable 5x week office commissary approach has been upended and the social fabric of your company still seems a bit remote/ transactional, we'd love to talk about how to best bring people together and create the tighter social fabric that helps convene people for deep conversations, innovative lightbulb moments, and a feeling of purpose and camaraderie.

Corporate Office Catering

Catering in the office setting is often a mix of lunches, meetings, happy hours, internal events, and other elements to form the social fabric of high performance organizations. While many people think of these elements transactionally, keeping a programmatic focus allows for more deliberate decisions about where to do nothing, where to supply an office marketplace of coffee and snacks, and where to invest in catering as part of larger programs like mentorship, recruitment, retention, talent development, and client development.



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Corporate Event & Office Catering Designed For Successful Events

Bite Catering Couture brings years of experience helping clients host successful corporate and office events. Some of the ways we work that are designed to help you:

  • Focus on Your Definition of Success: There's a purpose behind every event. We care what your event's objectives are and will work with you to make design decisions to achieve them. Whether that's helping you to encourage sales prospects to stick around through a whole presentation, ensuring board members have great energy throughout a full day's worth of strategic discussions, or creating assets for influencers to #hashtag we'll focus on achieving the broader goals that led you to cater the event in the first place.
  • Plan Ahead in Great Detail: Corporate events often have lots of moving parts on a tight timeline. We leverage detailed timelines, checklists, and processes to make sure that our people have the right things in place at the right time. This may mean ensuring we know how to navigate security and a loading zone with a tricky access point or understanding that the target investor's new boyfriend just turned vegan. We want to know and help make sure we're prepared for all such knowable obstacles so your guests have no reason to find out about them.
  • Leverage a Range of Service Levels: In corporate events, it's not uncommon to have executives, board members, or event circumstances demand significant changes late in the game. We've built our range of service levels to accomodate - allowing you to flex up to higher VIP service levels when you get that CEO confirmation or down from an action station to a well-presented appetizer station when 50% more people than expected confirm two weeks ahead. Try doing that with a delivery or full-service only caterer once the contract is signed...
  • Bring High Quality Service-Oriented People: Events happen live and you need great people who make the right decisions when the unexpected occurs. We offer a team that we vet individually, train in our processes, and evaluate after every event. This allows you to expect that every person on your team will be treated with respect, that your space will be left cleaned up immaculately after your event, that your delivery person will confirm with you that everything is to spec before she goes.
  • Bring Great Food and Present it Beautifully: We've designed our menus and process to make sure the food is beautiful and amazing for each customer that eats it over the course of the event. This means we replenish displays to keep them full and fresh, circulate hot items quickly to keep them to temperature, test delivery items to ensure they retain their quality onsite, and provide display approaches appropriate to your event's service levels.

We can arrange for all of your needs including food, décor, rentals, flowers, servers, music, bartenders, bar stock, valet and any other special needs you may have. We are also uniquely familiar with a wide-range of venues located across southern California, and can help you identify the perfect place for your event.

Experience in a variety of corporate event settings

  • Office/ Venue of your Choosing:Have a great meeting or event space in your office? Working with a specific venue in mind? We will arrange a site visit with you and the venue contact (as applicable to your event) to ensure we understand what is required to successfully execute the event at that venue and we will collaborate with them to ensure no detail is missed
  • At-Home Events:We love at home corporate events -- there's no better way for leadership to connect with the team! Worried about space? We have a ton of experience designing and executing some really beautiful home events. From setting up your kitchen to building one outside to ensuring you have enough power – we know what it takes to ensure a beautifully flawless home event...and we'll leave your house cleaner than before the party started.
  • Need a Venue? We can Help!: We have relationships with a number of venues in the LA area – from conference centers to convention spaces to hangars to modern urban retreats to beautiful homes and estates overlooking ocean views or gorgeous vineyards. Allow us to suggest a venue that matches your vision for the event and your organization's style.

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