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Film Screening at corporate office

Film Screening Catering

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Film Screening Catering

We love film screenings...they're so much fun and the creativity can be infectious!

We know that a film being screened is at the end of a huge creative process involving many people. The last thing you want is for early previewers or important stakeholders to miss a single detail or lose focus because they're hungry. That's where we can help!

We're happy to help with film screenings in any setting: corporate theater, theater venue, large public theater launch...we're experienced with them all. We can keep it to displays and passed food at the beginning to make sure people can pay attention, we're happy to provide staff to keep VIPs supplied with food and drink, or we can create themed menu items and costumed staff to bring out the cameras and instagram hashtags for more public events!

Our relevant formats:

  • Platters menu: Our platters menu offers a range of our favorites that can be easily picked up or delivered and require minimal preparation to look and taste terrific! Platters are also our most cost-effective options, as they do not require staff or rentals.
  • Custom menus: Our custom themed menus can match any particular themes you have in mind and we can develop menus that, like platters, can be dropped off or picked up without the need for staff and rentals. Because these are custom creations, we'll need a bit more time to plan and minimums are higher than for our platters menus.
  • Full service catering: Our full service catering menus allow your vision to be your limit! We can develop custom menus and incorporate a number of interesting elements that require special equipment, trained chefs, or immediate service. Our team is always thrilled to put on our creative hats to help create magical elements for your event!

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