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Grilled Flank Stank Crostini on Slate Tray

Office Happy Hour Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Office Happy Hour Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Happy Hour Menus

Happy Hour Photos

Mini Fish Tacos Displayed in Lime
Lettuce Wrap Bites on Bamboo Spoons
Smoked Salmon Blini
Coconut Rice Pudding Shot
Shrimp Skewers
Veggie Burgers On Tree Tray
Assorted Tea Sandwiches on Baskets
Organic Market Experience
English Sausage Rolls
Antipasto and crostini display
Bread Pudding Bite
Tea Breads
Santa Monica Company Anniversary Party Lamb Bites Skewered
Dessert Assortment with Tea and Fruit
Mini Pecan Tart
Crostini and Caprese
Crostini Bar Display
Mini Key Lime Pies
Chicken Satay
Display of Bites
Sauteed Polenta Cakes with Mushroom Ragu and Microgreens
Lobster and Avocado Tasting Spoons
Mac N Cheese Bites
Ahi Tuna Tartare Passed
Dessert Bites displayed on top of casino cash
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Mini Chicago Dogs Tray Passed
Mini Chicago Dogs on Baseball Field
Assorted Crostini and Toasts
Antipasto Platter in Office
Mini Key Lime Pies on White Tray
Asian Noodle Station at Corporate Event
Mini Lobster Rolls
Crostini Bar Display
Market Display with Bites

Happy Hour at the Office

You've got an amazing office with great gathering spaces! Let's use it to get your whole team together! We've found this can look quite a bit different depending on the occasion:

Celebrating a Milestone Achieved

Did a lot of people work really hard to get to a big achievement? It's time to let everyone take a minute to take a breath and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment! It probably starts off with a brief announcement and an acknowledgement of the people who made everything happen...and then it's time to allow everyone to grab a bite and congratulate them in person.

Bringing Different Departments Together

When people walk to a different section of the office, do they find themselves looking at a number of unfamiliar faces? A regular happy hour can help to break down the departmental boxes. Amazing things can happen when someone in customer success working with sales on a large, important potential customer can ping a friend in engineering to solve a vexing concern quickly (and close a large deal)!

Inviting in Partners and Customers

Do you spend a lot of time working on teams with customers and other partners to get things done? Building great relationships with broader teams can often be aided by breaking bread and inviting them into your space. As they get to know the amazing people on your team, further ideas spontaneously bubble up on opportunities to work together on something amazing. You can sometimes aid this conversation by holding it rooms that highlight past accomplishments or recent successes...those stories of the past can often prompt interesting conversations that build the future.

Whether you're looking for a delivery or a fully staffed option (and we can also provide bartenders and bar packages), our happy hour options are filled with options! Travel the world in a single event or spread it out across multiple get-togethers. We'll make sure the food is fantastic and people stick around for more!

Potential Measures of Success in Designing a Successful Happy Hour

How do you get people to connect across groups?

A large or rapidly growing company can mean that most of the great people inside hardly know each other. Left to their own devices, a more shy group may separate along existing lines. We think one of the great benefits of office events is creating the informal connections that allow ideas to bubble up and give someone a friend to call when they really need help from a different group. Some thoughts on how to make that happen:

  • Celebrate Cross-Department Teams: If you physically bring together a group that comes from different departments, it can create a natural, post-announcement collision of all the people who come up to chat with them after. And given that a few people were highlighted, it makes a natural conversation starter of which person they know or do they work with so and so, which can be enough to get people talking.
  • Visually Celebrate Interest Groups: Many companies have internal working groups that are trying to find passionate new members. Markers for those groups (pins, badge ribbons, wrist bands) can often allow interested individuals to identify a group member and ask about it. It seems so simple, but creates an invitation to ask. This can be a great way to build informal ties across a company or mentorship relationships between people of different levels.
  • Ask Executives to Be Good Hosts: Executives often aren't really sure what to do at company events and can hide on their phones working if you let them. Since they're often the most aware of which people should be connected, why not ask them to actively focus on doing that? Have each put together a list of a couple people they want to introduce and get them to kick off those conversations during the event.

Recommended Happy Hour Catering Menus

Hearty Platters

Download PDF: Hearty Platters

Hearty Platters
Room Temperature Bites

Download PDF: Room Temperature Bites

Room Temperature Bites
Crostini and Sliders

Download PDF: Crostini and Sliders

Crostini and Sliders
Hot Bites

Download PDF: Hot Bites

Hot Bites
Taco Bar

Download PDF: Taco Bar

Taco Bar
Lettuce Wraps and Bao Buns

Download PDF: Lettuce Wraps and Bao Buns

Lettuce Wraps and Bao Buns

Our range of menus offer a perfect combination for any happy hour occasion. We serve offices across the Los Angeles area, so be sure to call and ask for a custom menu that fits your space and employee needs.

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