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Executive Retreat

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Putting together a strategic session with a group of executives is a difficult proposition - you need a place where phones and laptops are mostly put away with the space and time to get people to open up.

If you're a large/ distributed company you may be bringing in people from all over the world...you need to make sure that your executives feel taken care of, have great energy, and emotionally feel excited/ invested in the discussions to come.

Historically, many of these have been done in hotels...but frankly having a lot of strangers wandering around and being trapped in a hotel ballroom seems like an odd setting to get started. In the modern era, there are gorgeous retreat spaces off of the beaches of Malibu or in the South Bay, funky apartments on the Westside, lavish villas in Bel Air/ Beverly Hills or up in the Hollywood Hills, or unique ranches in Calabasas/ Thousand Oaks.

Bite has experience with executive retreats (one of our owners is a former McKinsey consultant and has run a number of strategy/ innovation offsites) and we would be thrilled to help you put together a beautiful location, materials to hold a great event, brain food, and entertainment/ experiences to help teams really come together emotionally and strategically.

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