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Corporate office lunch buffet

Office Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Office Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

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Office Catering Photos

Asian Noodle Action Station
Taco Bar in Metal Chafing Dish
Mexican chip and dip station on buffet
Antipasto Platter in Office
Assorted Bites on Wood Tray
Raw Bar with Oysters
Sassy Fries
Jackfruit Sliders
Back to school custom food display
Holiday Dessert Assortment on Bite's Eco-Chic Disposable Wood Platters
Christmas tree in office
Halloween Display with Eyeballs and Brains
Company BBQ Guests at Cocktail Hour
Drink Display on the Bar
Indoor Event Area @ ROC Santa Monica
Artisan sandwiches and brunch bites
Santa Monica Company Anniversary Party Cocktail Tables
Snowman Cake Pops

Office Catering Elevated

Offices are places where people spend a large portion of their work-life and experience a wide variety of events. At Bite, we understand the importance of creating memorable experiences in the workplace. That's why we are dedicated to offering high-end catering services focused specifically on office events. From team meetings and corporate luncheons to client presentations and celebratory gatherings, we provide thoughtful, thematic options that are sure to mark meaningful events and make the people involved feel appreciated for their time and contributions.

We offer catering appropriate for office events like:

  • Board Meetings
  • Class Onboarding/ Training
  • Executive/ Partner Meetings
  • Executive Visits
  • Happy Hours
  • Lunch
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Mentorship
  • Milestone Celebrations (Anniversary, Awards, Major Goals, Funding, IPO)
  • Recognition/ Retention Programs
  • Retirement/ Going Away
  • Supplier and Partner Education
  • Themed Holidays

How can we help you to build social fabric, connect disparate parts of the organization, create the interactions that drive innovation, or recognize the people who have worked hard to achieve great things?

Recommended Office Catering Catering Menus


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Example Office Catering Events

Happy Hour Grazing Table

Grazing Table for Tenant Meetings

We worked with a real estate brokerage to provide a great experience for their customers in between meetings. These are long-standing relationships...(click on highlighted event's name for more details)

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