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Board Meeting/ Partner Meeting Catering

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Recommended Board Meeting/ Partner Meeting Menus

Governance meetings are often intense and require deep focus on challenging topics. The most senior members of the company and potentially the representatives of outside shareholders come together to discuss the company's current performance and the big bets that will shape the future.

The last thing you want in these meetings is for them to be interrupted by ill-prepared servers, missed items, insufficient selection, or hangry participants.

Bite offers a thoughtful alternative with menus designed for smaller groups of senior decision-makers and multiple formats to fit the meeting agenda and feel.

Board Meeting/ Partner Meeting Photos

Corporate Investors Meeting @ Tesla
Boxed Lunches
The Boardroom Combo ready for lunch
Seasonal Buffet Setup
Overhead View of Lunch Delivery
Dinner on Buffet Table
Market Display with Bites
Breakfast Pastries and Fruit

Recommended Board Meeting/ Partner Meeting Catering Menus


Download PDF: Seasonal

Executive Lunch Boxes

Download PDF: Executive Lunch Boxes

Executive Lunch Boxes
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