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A conference is an event that brings together a lot of people from different places and backgrounds. When things go well, that diversity enables rich, interesting conversations that can lead to ground-breaking innovation and new lifelong friendships/ collaborations. When it doesn't, a mix of tribal cliques and wallflowers highlight an opportunity lost. As a caterer, we obviously wish the former scenario on your attendees and conference organizers, and we'd love to work with you to make those magical moments of connection happen, although it works a bit differently depending on the type of conference you're running.

Industry Conference

An industry conference convenes a number of different organizations that surround an industry. Generally heavily subsidized by leading vendors and/ or a tradeshow, the industry conference usually is filled with a number of different announcements, keynotes, product launches, and demos + can highlight discussions on big trends affecting all the players.

From a catering perspective, the industry conference often has a number of sponsored events for attendees, a broader in-conference meal and snack program, and may have VIP dinners/ roundtables/ discussions or association meetings on the periphery of the event. This often involves a number of different locations, meal formats, seniority of guests, and expectations. We'd love to help you think through the options that are relevant to you - let us know how we can help you to create a successful conference or portion of a conference!

User/ Subscriber Conference

A user or subscriber conference is generally thrown by an organization or initiative for its users or subscribers. Typical examples include:

  • connecting people to the folks they read about (media)
  • gathering a group of power users for the training in the latest advances (tech)
  • putting on a regional training to increase local adoption (tools)

From a catering perspective, we know that the host organization has a strong brand affinity to the event, which makes it important that attendees are treated in an appropriate fashion. There's a lot more at stake in all the little details, such as keeping the flow of people and events moving so the event stays on time, how to handle special needs so valued attendees and speakers feel taken care of, and how to create enticing environments so sponsors retain the attention and attendance of a valuable audience.

Regardless of the type of conference, Bite offers a one stop shop to pull together food for your guests across the entire day's events, from:

  • Breakfast: Continental or Hot Breakfast Options to fuel the day
  • Coffee and Refreshments to keep the energy flowing
  • Lunch options ranging from boxed lunches to branded totes to buffets
  • Cocktail hour with passed hors d'oeuvres and creative cocktails
  • Executive plated dinners to build VIP and sponsor senior relationships

Take a look at some ideas below off our a la carte menu and themed bars. We are known for custom themed menus and white glove support -- give us a sense of how we can help make your conference a success!

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