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Promotional Event Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Promotional Event Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Promotional Events Photos

Stations display at film premiere of Thomas the Train: King of the Railway
Logo Napkins @ Bhindi Grand Opening
Diet Coke Celebrating Heart Health @ Santa Monica 3rd Street
Frigidaire Corporate Hospitality Tent
Sephora Display
Book Signing Promotional Event
Trina Turk storefront
Cupcakes inspired by Tiffany and Co.

Promotional Event Catering

Promotional events are core strategic tools for brands, products, or services to connect directly with their target audiences, VIPs, stakeholders, and media. By communicating a compelling message through experiences, brands can cut through the clutter and create attention and awareness.

High end catering is often a core element of a promotional event in generating a feeling of hospitality, adding to different sensory and emotional experiences, and keeping people excited to stick around. Whether more supplementary to keep people energized and engaged or as part of the main event with a goal of creating earned media and brand recognition, catering is an important tool in the promotional event toolkit!

Our Approach to Catering Promotional Events

We start by trying to understand the who, the what, and the why.

  • Who are you inviting to this event and what do they mean to your company or brand?
  • What is the vision for the interaction and the platform by which you will be creating engagement and awareness?
  • Why do this event at all? Why and how does it create value as a multiple of the cost of putting it on?

As we understand the purpose of your promotional event, the clarity around value creation can inform our catering priorities and flow. We can now allocate budget, service levels, experiential elements, photo-worthy moments according to the value proposition and designed experience for the attendees of the event.

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Designing ROI for Promotional Events Based on Attendee Value Metrics

Promotional Events with a High Attendee Short-Term Value

These are the events where the stakes are high and garnering support is everything:

  • A sponsored area that can generate celebrity endorsements.
  • A drive down the coast with the reviewers in the launch of a new auto model
  • A product launch with a celebrity-filled room and press
  • An award show that can drive post-awards interest in a movie or show

These are glitzy, high profile, high spend events where the objective is to captivate, to attract, to garner support, and to promote an elevated vision of a brand. We understand that finding ways to impress and be memorable is often so much more important than being quietly competent. We work with you to design something that elevates the moment, attracts attention, and helps to capture the potential of the luminaries that you've convened.

Promotional Events with a High Customer Lifetime Value

These are events with communities of customers that are the most passionate fans of your brand:

  • People who queue up to buy season tickets or a regular fixtures in the courtside seats or luxury boxes
  • Enthusiasts who form clubs to discuss your latest product models (and your most vintage) whether they be watches, cars, or technology
  • Enterprise business users for whom you unlock major organizational capabilities with your products, technology, or services

These are events with high ROI based on the mingling of superfans with those that are almost there. The high value of the customer creates the opportunity to invest in deeper relationships and more compelling experiences.

Promotional Events with High Potential for Earned Media

These are events where the ability to create a potential viral hit or large numbers of discussions drive the high potential of the event:

  • Events created for influencers where they may share photos or reels with large numbers of followers to create discussions or highlight trends
  • Mass participation events with large numbers of fans who may be engaging with displays or sharing pics
  • Sampling events with niche products in communities that are likely to embrace them

These events can be high ROI if the right approach to engaging participants is taken and the high potential of earned media is recognized. Creating compelling elements with an engaged crowd that wants to tell other people about them is an area where great design discussions can be had!

Core Jobs of a Promotional Event:

1. Communicate Brand Value and Message:

  • Job to Be Done: Clearly articulate and demonstrate the brand's value proposition, message, and offerings to the event attendees.
  • Outcomes Desired by Brand: The brand seeks to ensure that attendees leave with a strong, positive perception of the brand and a deep understanding of its values and offerings.

2. Engage and Captivate the Audience:

  • Job to Be Done: Design engaging and captivating experiences that grab the attention of attendees and keep them engaged throughout the event.
  • Outcomes Desired by Attendees: Attendees want to be entertained and engaged in a way that feels meaningful and relevant to their interests and needs.

3. Generate Leads and Sales Opportunities:

  • Job to Be Done: Create opportunities for direct engagement between the brand and potential customers, facilitating lead generation and sales.
  • Outcomes Desired by Brand: The brand aims to acquire new leads, contacts, and potential sales opportunities as a direct outcome of the event.

4. Foster Brand Loyalty and Community:

  • Job to Be Done: Strengthen relationships with existing customers and build a sense of community around the brand.
  • Outcomes Desired by Brand and Attendees: The brand wants to deepen its connection with existing customers, while attendees look for validation of their loyalty and a sense of belonging to a community.

5. Showcase Products or Services:

  • Job to Be Done: Provide a platform for the brand to showcase, demonstrate, and possibly offer hands-on experiences with its products or services.
  • Outcomes Desired by Brand and Attendees: The brand seeks an effective showcase of its offerings, while attendees are interested in experiencing the products or services firsthand.

6. Facilitate Networking and Partnerships:

  • Job to Be Done: Create an environment conducive to networking, fostering partnerships, and collaboration opportunities among attendees and between attendees and the brand.
  • Outcomes Desired by Attendees and Brand: Both the brand and attendees look to expand their professional networks and explore potential partnerships or collaborations.

7. Gather Customer Insights and Feedback:

  • Job to Be Done: Collect valuable insights, feedback, and data on customer preferences, behaviors, and perceptions of the brand and its offerings.
  • Outcomes Desired by Brand: The brand wants actionable insights that can inform product development, marketing strategies, and customer service improvements.

8. Ensure a Smooth and Enjoyable Experience:

  • Job to Be Done: Manage logistics, entertainment, and activities to ensure the event runs smoothly and attendees have an enjoyable experience.
  • Outcomes Desired by Attendees: Attendees expect a well-organized event that respects their time and provides a positive, hassle-free experience.
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