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Grand Opening Catering - Los Angeles Stores and Offices

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Congratulations! Celebrating the grand opening of a new store or office is a major milestone and can be the start of something amazing! We'd love to help you get everything going on the right (and tasty) note. Some ways we're generally asked to help include

  • Incorporating brand logos, colors, messages, or stories with food, beverage, signage, and staff (note: this does take some notice)
  • Encouraging guests to explore the facility by placing food stations, passing zones, or bars in strategic locations
  • Ensuring the key hosts and the groups they're speaking with can stay focused on the conversation
  • Protecting some of the more delicate areas of the facility through service zones, menu/ beverage selection, signage, and staff messages
  • Solving for logistical issues (i.e., cooking without a kitchen, rules around flame or smoke, working in back rooms or hallways, bringing power beyond the current electrical supply, bringing in water, dealing with trash, etc)

Store Grand Opening Catering

Retail store grand openings may be to the public or to a select group of VIP customers, buyers, investors, etc. There are so many ways to do these events that vary by store, type of product, type of customer, and price points. We recommend thinking about using catering to either attract attention outside (retail) or focus people inside on moving through key parts of the store, staying for some type of presentation, or talking with salespeople on the floor. Please let us know what you're thinking and we can prepare some ideas relevant to your opening.

Office Grand Opening Catering

An office opening or anniversary is generally a bit more of a private affair focused on celebrating a milestone (office or product) with employees (and sometimes their families), customers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders (including the public for some institutions). We recommend thinking through any particular stakeholders are the focus and any messages/ themes that you're trying to convey. We can then use the catering to help to enable these conversations or spread the relevant messages. We look forward to hearing what you have in mind!

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