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Graduation/Birthday Party Carnival Fry Station Chefs

Action Station Catering

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Recommended Action Stations Menus

Action Stations Catering

Our chefs love to show off their skills. Action stations give you the best of food (literally) hot off the grill and professional chefs who can interact with your guests and help them select their preferred toppings, choices, etc

The action station format opens up unique food options including liquid nitrogen or can also be used for classics like pizza/ pasta bars, omelette stations, waffle stations, and carving stations.

Action Stations Photos

Chef Cooking Gorditas
Chef Grilling for BBQ
Italian Pasta Bar - Action Station
Grilled Pizza Station with Rustic Display
Graduation/Birthday Party Carnival Fry Station
Asian Noodle Action Station
Asian Noodle Station at Corporate Event
Omelette Bar Station
Pancake and Waffle Bar Station
American Action Station @ International Themed Wedding
Green Wedding in Bel Air American Station Chefs
Chef & crew are ready to make some delicious pizzas!

Recommended Menus

Savory Action Stations

Download PDF: Savory Action Stations

Savory Action Stations
Sweet Action Stations

Download PDF: Sweet Action Stations

Sweet Action Stations
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