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Sales Meeting Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Sales Meeting Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

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Sales/ Partner Meeting Catering

The sales organization has the critical function of getting to know customers and generate the revenue that drives all other things. Internal sales meetings and awards help to identify and recognize top performers and keep them excited and motivated. Customer and stakeholder meetings equip reps with the face time that generates long-term deep relationships that can provide stable recurring and expansion revenue.

Catering for these important events needs to reflect the job at hand. While creating great hospitality is table stakes, shifting hearts and minds to be emotionally receptive to the messages being delivered and the people being introduced takes thoughtful design, great presentation, and exquisite execution. Talk to us about how we can make for a compelling sales meeting experience!

Our Approach to Catering Sales Meetings

We start by trying to understand the attendees and the goal of the meeting. Generally sales meetings are focused on:

  • engaging and motivating sales people (e.g., chairman's circle awards)
  • creating engaging experiences where sales people can meet and build relationships with clients (e.g., capabilities demonstration at a client office)
  • bringing together top customers and prospects to discuss new product capabilities or launch new features or models (e.g., sponsored happy hour with announcement at an industry event)

Sales meetings often require catering setups that bring energy, create excitement, and highlight the brand in a positive light. We work hard with you to design something that will feel seamless, create a positive environment for brand connection and great conversations, and potentially can generate do something to have enthusiasts promote your event to their friends and colleagues.

Potential Measures of Success in Designing a Successful Sales/ Partner Meetings

How do you attract the right people for your event?

A sales meeting only works if the right prospects are motivated to attend

  • Motivation: Do they feel this will be a good use of time and a good experience?
  • Qualification: Can you get the invite to the right people?
  • Location/ Timing: Is the venue convenient to get to at the time of the event?

Core Jobs of a Sales Meeting with Clients, Partners, and Stakeholders:

1. Facilitate Effective Communication:

  • Job to Be Done: Ensure clear, effective communication between the sales team, clients, and external stakeholders, fostering an environment of transparency and mutual understanding.
  • Outcomes Desired: All parties seek efficient, productive discussions that lead to a clear understanding of needs, offerings, and potential challenges.

2. Build and Strengthen Relationships:

  • Job to Be Done: Cultivate strong, trust-based relationships between the sales team and clients or partners, emphasizing reliability, professionalism, and a customer-centric approach.
  • Outcomes Desired: Clients and stakeholders aim for a dependable relationship where their needs are understood and prioritized, while the sales team seeks to establish trust and credibility.

3. Align Objectives and Expectations:

  • Job to Be Done: Ensure all parties are aligned in terms of objectives, expectations, and deliverables, minimizing misunderstandings and setting a clear path forward.
  • Outcomes Desired: Clients and stakeholders expect clarity on what can be delivered and when, while the sales team needs to understand client expectations to manage them effectively.

4. Showcase Products, Services, and Solutions:

  • Job to Be Done: Effectively demonstrate the value, benefits, and applications of the products or services being offered, tailored to the specific needs and interests of the clients or stakeholders.
  • Outcomes Desired: Clients seek solutions that address their specific challenges and add value to their operations, while the sales team aims to highlight the unique selling points and advantages of their offerings.

5. Gather Insights and Feedback:

  • Job to Be Done: Collect valuable feedback, concerns, and suggestions from clients and stakeholders to improve offerings, service, and customer satisfaction.
  • Outcomes Desired: Clients and stakeholders want their feedback to be heard and acted upon, indicating a responsive and adaptable sales approach.

6. Negotiate and Close Deals:

  • Job to Be Done: Facilitate negotiations and discussions that lead to mutually beneficial agreements, contracts, or sales.
  • Outcomes Desired: The sales team aims to close deals that meet sales targets and business objectives, while clients and stakeholders look for favorable terms that meet their needs and budget constraints.

7. Plan and Strategize for Future Collaboration:

  • Job to Be Done: Lay the groundwork for ongoing and future collaboration, identifying opportunities for further engagement, upselling, or partnership.
  • Outcomes Desired: Both the sales team and clients/stakeholders are interested in establishing a roadmap for future interactions, ensuring a long-term, fruitful relationship.

8. Ensure Compliance and Understanding of Regulations:

  • Job to Be Done: Address any legal, regulatory, or compliance issues relevant to the business relationship, ensuring all parties are informed and in agreement with necessary standards and practices.
  • Outcomes Desired: Clients and stakeholders expect adherence to industry standards and regulations, while the sales team needs to ensure that all offerings are compliant and agreements are legally sound.

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