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Lego Room Setup For Presentation

Sales Presentation/ Lunch & Learn Meeting Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Sales Presentation/ Lunch & Learn Menus

Inviting clients in for a sales pitch or lunch and learn discussion meeting? We offer a range between drop off platter to high service touch plated dinners. Perfect chance to wow your potential clients and seal the deal.

Orchestrating a successful "lunch and learn" sales presentation involves more than delivering a persuasive pitch with slick slides. It's about creating an environment conducive to questions and related discussion, connecting the dots between concerns from different departments, building relationships between project champions and their supporting implementation team, and learning about the context of the organization. Great catering can help by:

  • Convening a group. A lunch invite is often a well-accepted approach to get people to attend and stay focused. A higher quality lunch is a signal that this is something that has a higher priority and sponsorship.
  • Keeping people engaged and present. Hanger is a real thing...a drop in blood sugar can make already delicate or sophisticated conversations go completely sideways. Ensuring good energy sources in accessible places allow people to eat and pay attention
  • Providing hooks to prevent early escapees. Dessert on the back table with a server protecting it can be a powerful motivator in keeping attendees from dashing off. A little pizzazz like a chef with a blowtorch and s'mores bites can even direct people toward your sales contacts as the event closes.

Sales Presentation/ Lunch & Learn Photos

Farmstand Menu
Individual Quiches on Breakfast Display
Kermit Greets Visitors
Indoor Event Area @ ROC Santa Monica
Potential Measures of Success in Designing a Successful Sales Presentation/ Lunch & Learn

How do you attract the right people for your event?

A sales meeting only works if the right prospects are motivated to attend

  • Motivation: Do they feel this will be a good use of time and a good experience?
  • Qualification: Can you get the invite to the right people?
  • Location/ Timing: Is the venue convenient to get to at the time of the event?

Recommended Sales Presentation/ Lunch & Learn Catering Menus

Grazing Table
A great menu to serve a group reception at a break or following a sales presentation

Download PDF: Grazing Table

Grazing Table
A room temperature seasonal menu easy to bring to a meeting with no cooling or warming elements required.

Download PDF: Seasonal


Example Sales Presentation/ Lunch & Learn Events

Happy Hour Grazing Table

Grazing Table for Tenant Meetings

We worked with a real estate brokerage to provide a great experience for their customers in between meetings. These are long-standing relationships...(click on highlighted event's name for more details)

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