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Getting ready to cut the cake!

Rustic Wedding

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Rustic Wedding

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Rustic Wedding Menus

A rustic wedding isn't necessarily about doing the things "you're supposed to do." Rather, it's about embracing all the heartwarming, sweet, diverse, creative and quirky things that make you and your fiance uniquely you!

So what are some of the fun, distinctive details that define a rustic wedding? There’s burlap, lace, twine, cowboy (and girl) boots, suspenders, checks, plaid, wool, linen, mason jars, handmade wooden signs, moss covered monograms, sweet tea, homemade food and yes, barns. But you're not limited to that!

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding Venue selection

  • Rustic Venues: We have relationships with a range of rustic venues including several historics ranches and outdoor venues sure to give you the look and feel you are looking for at a range of price points.

Menu Design:

  • Considering a buffet? We have collected a truly unique line of vintage chafing dishes - perfect for a rustic, vintage look.
  • Let us match our menu to your aesthetic and surroundings! Considering a ranch wedding? Let us create an exciting array of dishes and/or stations to match featuring heirloom vegetables an updatedd vintage and comfort food recipes with our modern twist!
  • Like the idea of a giant rustic picnic? Ask about our inspired gourmet picnic baskets - a perfect option for the casual couple who still wants to surprise their guests!

Rustic Wedding Inspiration Photos

Mini Egg Souffle
Mini Fish Tacos Displayed in Lime
Grill Station/ BBQ
Market Salad Bar Setup
Studio 11 Sexton Hotel Lounge
Crab Tostada Bites
Family Style Panzanella
Artisan Cheese and Bread Display
Buffet Sides for Spud Bar
Mini Burger Passed on Tree Tray
Backyard BBQ Party Market Station
Mini Bacon Cheeseburger
Company BBQ Gorditas Grilling
Outdoor Dessert Station
Backyard Dessert Display
Flank Steak Crostini
Company BBQ Cheese & Fruit Crostini
RideOn Fundraiser Show 4
Veggie Burgers on Tree Tray
RideOn Fundraiser Station 1
Pesto Pizza
Company BBQ Utensil Station
Italian Meatball Sliders
Croquettes displayed in cast iron serving pot
Prosciutto and Arugula Flatbread
Fried Chicken and Grits
Green Wedding in Bel Air Bread Baskets
Green Wedding in Bel Air Lemonade Sign
Venison Tenderloin - Adding Sauce
Pizza Grill
Malibu Hills Backyard Welcome Table
Fall Wedding Cake Top Tier
Breakfast Trifle on seasonal brunch display
Green Wedding in Bel Air Country Basket
Wedding Couple with Bouquet
Backyard BBQ with bartenders
Passed Ahi Tuna Tartare Bites
Olive Oil + Crudite station
Wedding Buffet @ Orcutt Ranch
Strawberry Shortcake Trifle
Mini Shiraz Marinated Lamb Burgers
Wedding Cake Side
Fall themed dessert station for wedding
Individual Utensil Roll Ups With Wildflowers
Cornbread Canapes
Graduation/Birthday Party Carnival Fry Station Mac n' Cheese Bites
Vintage Buffet Chafing Dishes @ Orcutt Ranch Wedding
Mini Eggy Breakfast Sandwiches
Spicy beef empanadas
RideOn Fundraiser Station
Chef Cooking Gorditas
Rustic Juice Station Display
White Clam Pizza
Wedding Cake @ Orcutt Ranch
Assorted Pizza Station
Guest Book for Wedding
Venison Tenderloin Plateup
Wedding Appetizer Display @ Orcutt Ranch
Dessert Station Night
Graduation/Birthday Party International Cheese and Charcuterie Display Closeup 2
Pulled Pork Sliders
Pizza Station Closeup
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Pizza Station
Olive Oil Station Closeup
Meatball Sliders
Yorkshire Pudding Bites
Caprese Skewers - Vertical presentation on Wood
Graduation/Birthday Party Carnival Fry Station Chefs
International Cheese and Charcuterie Display Closeup
Graduation/Birthday Party International Cheese and Charcuterie Display
Chef Grilling for BBQ
Rustic cheese display
Mini Key Lime Pies on White Tray
Potato Gratin next to Venison
Gourmet Slider Station
Lasagna in Mini Cast Iron
Mushroom Pizza
Refreshing watermelon juice served in Mason Jar
Fall Dessert Station
Pecan Tartlets
Wedding Dinner under Lights
Company BBQ Salad Bar
Market salad display on wedding buffet
Malibu Hills Backyard Pizza Station
Appetizer Bites for Film Screening @ SmogShoppe
Sweet Potato Fries in Newspaper Cone
Green Wedding in Bel Air Sunflowers
Pizzas Getting Crispy on the Grill
Getting ready to cut the cake!

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