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Wedding cake with fruit and floral decor

Wedding Cakes

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Cameras will flash, faces will be smudged with frosting, friends and family toasting the end of the celebration with something sweet... The wedding cake is the crescendo of the event that you will remember forever.

    Wedding cakes come in many shapes, sizes and flavors.

    And as weddings become more and more unique, so do their cakes. There are things to consider when developing a wedding cake. Things like flavor layering, decor, theme integration. But also some logistical pieces like how it will be served, and how it will be displayed. Only after you create dozens of wedding cakes do you start to learn the valuable lessons, like using fondant instead of buttercream for a summer rooftop wedding - Yes, they can melt. Yes, its a terrible sight.

    Our team of cake experts are prepped and ready to dream big and sort the logistics to make your dream cake come true


    • Wedding cake pricing: starting at $12 per person
    • Final cost will be determined by labor and detail involved (modeling, sugar flowers vs simple buttercream finish with fresh floral).

      We can't wait to help you celebrate your big day

Wedding Cakes Inspiration Photos

Getting ready to cut the cake!
Rustic Chic Wedding Cake
Elegant tiered wedding cake with sugar decor
Bride and groom during the cake cutting
Batman themed cake for the groom
Special cake made for the groom in his favorite, Batman theme
Succulent themed wedding cake
Wedding cake with fruit and floral decor
Simply elegant white wedding cake with floral decor
Tiered wedding cake with floral decor
Elegant white wedding cake with green and white floral decor
Buttercream wedding cake with floral decor
The first bite
Elegant rose gold drip cake
Tiered wedding cake with floral decor
Dessert Table with Cake @ Wedding
Beautiful dessert display with a small cake cutting cake
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