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Coffee and Beverage Service

Coffee Delivery or Coffee Station

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Recommended Coffee Menus

A coffee station is an essential part of many events. Except in unique circumstances, you generally want guests at an event to have good energy and feel like they can sip a cup while having a great conversation.

We can approach coffee from a number of different directions as part of an overall beverage service:

  • for small events without tight timelines, an existing on-site coffee machine may be the right option
  • for deliveries we can bring boxes of hot coffee
  • for serviced events, we can either bring pre-made coffee (for early morning rushes), brew onsite (for all-day service), or a take a hybrid approach

For our serviced events, we can bring coffee as part of an overall beverage service (including water, ice tea, juices, etc). We generally pair coffee with a decaf option (or hot tea for certain groups) and bring a mix of urns, sweeteners, creamers, disposable cups, and flavored syrups .

Coffee Photos

Coffee Station
Coffee Bar
Coffee Bar Chalkboard Sign
Coffee and Beverage Service

Recommended Menus

A La Carte Juice, Coffee, and Tea

Download PDF: A La Carte Juice, Coffee, and Tea

A La Carte Juice, Coffee, and Tea

For branded or influencer events, ask about adding messages into the coffee!

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