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Valentine's Party Favors

A Romantic Dinner for 50? Planning a Valentine’s Party

A Romantic Dinner for 50? Planning a Valentine’s Party

“The most romantic day of the year, some say about Valentine's Day. Others say that sentiment only applies to those who do not have a romantic bone in their body. After all, does buying the obligatory chocolate heart or stuffed teddy bear really count as romance? The majority may answer no to that question, but that is definitely what the majority does.

Bite Catering challenges you to spice it up this year. Whether you are in a relationship or not, get out there and celebrate the romance- the romance of food that is! After all, isn't food sexy? Valentine's Day happens to fall on a weekend this year which also happens to be the best time of the week to throw a party!

Some of your ideas for Valentine's parties this year are: A Girlfriend's Party (for all you single ladies!) with elegant finger food and lots of chocolate desserts. Or a children's party– invite the class over for an evening of comfort food and valentine's cards and, of course, can't forget the dessert party-those strawberries and marshmallows dipped in chocolate fondue! For all you romance haters out there, don’t worry…you can throw an Anti Valentines Party!

Decide who will be on your guest list, and create a menu geared towards that group. Create a theme for your party. If the theme is Valentine's Day, love, or romance, choose foods that are known to complement that atmosphere. Don't forget the favorites: oysters, asparagus, almonds, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate!

Maybe you get the point; Valentine's Day and desserts go romantically hand-in-hand. Create a dessert and/or candy display for your guests. Use a buffet, dining room, or side table covered with linens that complement the theme and decor of your party. How you create the display will depend on what you are serving. Think out of the box for presentation ideas. Use mason and apothecary jars filled with candy or cookies. Play with making labels for the jars, or just tying colorful ribbons around them. Real china platters, wooden cutting boards, cake plates, and pretty baskets will all help your display come alive.

Don't forget the fresh flowers long stemmed roses in a vase, strewn on a table, or simply the petals, scattered around the party food. Oh, did you know that you might EAT those flowers? Candied flowers-roses, lavender, and others will add an extra sparkle to the candy dish. Organic, edible flowers inject that romantic extra touch to salad, dinner, or dessert plates.

Here is Bite Catering’s suggestion for a Valentine’s Day menu.

By: Elizabeth Goel -- Feb 1, 2010
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