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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie My Way

OK, I have not written in a very long time - I have been BUSY!!! But I will talk more about that later. Right now, let's talk dessert.

Every one in a while (and ladies, you might be able to relate to this one) I have the most insane chocolate-peanut butter craving. Only one thing could ever possible satisfy that craving...chocolate peanut butter PIE!!!

I don't have a specific recipe but here is what I do - make a chocolate crust - crush your favorite chocolate cookie/wafers, mix with some butter and bake to set in pie tin - brush with chocolate to up the chocolate ante and keep the crust from getting moist - chill. If you really want to go the chocolate route, make a truffle chocolate ganache and spread a layer of it at the bottom of the crust and allow to set in the fridge.

For the peanut butter filling - cream enough cream cheese, sugar and smooth peanut butter (not the natural kind - not as good!) to fill the crust (you can adjust to achieve your desired level of peanut butteryness) and beat until smooth and soft. Fold in thick/stiff sweetened whipped cream - enough to make almost a peanut butter mousse mixture and fill the rest of the the pie crust with it. Chill for a few hours - right before you serve, spoon some more whipped cream on top and top with crunchy roasted peanuts (I like the salted kind as it lends some salt to the very sweet dessert) and chocolate shavings. The also makes a pretty darnd good frozen peanut butter pie - great in the summer!

We do a miniature version of a chocolate-peanut butter pie as part of our dessert assortments.

I hope you like that one!

By: Elizabeth Goel -- Dec 17, 2008
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