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Death by Chocolate...a Themed Hospitality Suite

A corporate client wanted to put together a memorable hospitality suite for their VIP guests attending a conference at the Long Beach Convention Center. They had historically used a chocolate theme and wanted to see how it could be refreshed in a post-Covid context where people were now ready to get together and enjoy new experiences with new friends.

The Long Beach Convention Center didn't have the space onsite to host, so the clock was ticking on putting together an event worthy of a trip out of the convention center's complex. That involved a number of moving parts:

  • We first needed to help them find the right space for an intimate, decadent hospitality suite. We checked out a few different options and they went for a beautiful industrial space in downtown Long Beach
  • We needed to put together a decadent themed menu that would attract VIPs to come offsite and have a memorable experience
  • We needed to work through the selected venue space to ensure that the flow of the event fit will with the different stations and themed elements
  • We needed to make sure the timeline and logistics would work for the expected flow of guests into the event without creating bottlenecks or queues

We ended up with a menu that combined chocolatey goodness across tray passed options, a couple of small plate action stations, signature cocktails, and even wine pairings! This allowed for small groups to continue conversations while tray passed items came to them, individuals in search of fun photos to find their way to the liquid nitro ice cream station, and anyone going to the bar to instantly have exciting themed options that they couldn't wait to try! The theme created great conversation starters and shared experience while helping our client show their appreciation to the VIPs who took the time to attend.

We hope we've infused our client's chocolate theme with some new possibilities (and a standard that will be tough to match or exceed) as it rotates on to another city next year!

Ooey Gooey Chocolate Menu

Tray passed bites:

chocolate caramel tart - smoked sea salt

squidgy chocolate gin cake - gin infused chocolate ganache

passion fruit bon bons - passion fruit ganache in a dark chocolate shell

sweet and savory - bacon wrapped dark chocolate and goat cheese stuffed dates

chocolate chicken mole - in a crispy tortilla cup

sweet and salty with a kick - chile chocolate covered potato chips

Small plate stations:

pear and caramelized white chocolate galette - poached pears, caramelized white chocolate, pastry cream

warm chocolate fondant cake - creme fraiche whipped cream and raspberries

bittersweet liquid nitrogen chocolate ice cream - olive oil chocolate 'magic shell' and flakey sea salt

chocolate peanut butter crunch bar - chocolate ganache, peanut butter crunch, raspberry coulis, sea salt

Liquid Nitro Ice Cream Station

Liquid Nitro Chocolate Ice Cream + Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar

Chocolate Chicken Mole

Chile Chocolate Potato Chips

Bacon wrapped dark chocolate dates



Pear and Caramelized White Chocolate Galette

By: Elizabeth Goel -- Sep 8, 2022
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