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LA2Day mention of Bite Catering's Mini Naan Bites

Got a mention about our mini-naan bites in an article about how ethnic food is being changed to fit new approaches in LA Here's the blurb that mentions us:
The Mini Naan Typically grilled in a tandoori oven, the Naan is a means to scoop the curry into the mouth. Traditional Indian Naan is simple dough with flour, water and sometimes a little fat. At Bite's Catering Couture you will find it in contrasting flavours and textures. "We have given more dimension to the simple Indian Naan. Our transformation includes adding yoghurt, goat cheese and butter for a rich taste," says Elizabeth Goel, Executive Chef and Owner, Bite Catering Couture. The Mini Naan comes with a topping of goat cheese, caramelised onion and is served with a fresh mango salsa. "The combination of the Naan with a soft interior and crisp, buttery exterior coupled with creamy sweet onions, tangy goat cheese and the honey-sweetness of the fresh mango salsa is amazing," offers Goel. Where: Bite Catering Couture, (310) 4013397

By: Elizabeth Goel -- Aug 9, 2009
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