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Super Bowl Party with referee costumed staff

Planning a Chic Super Bowl Party - From Kick off to the Final Play!

So it's the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Green Bay Packers this year and it's time to suit up! If you are planning to host a Super Bowl Party this year, here are some tips and resources that will help you score a touchdown!


Since a super bowl party is a casual affair, you want to keep the invites casual as well. Online invitations rather than formal invitations would be perfect in this case. You can use Evites, just simple emails, or invitations through Facebook.


The sports theme is built in, so that's easy! Use the playing team's colors, and if you are a real fan of either team you can play that up by hanging banners and using colors from that team. A fun interactive approach to decorating is to create a table where the guests can make their own banners depending on which team they are rooting for.


The main activity at any Super Bowl party is watching the game! Create a fun viewing space with plenty of seating; make sure everyone in the room will be able to see the game from their spot. Have snacks and drinks handy for easy access. While creating the viewing space, don't forget that there might be some guests who are not at all interested in the game; have a space for mingling as well, perhaps a separate room with a nice stationary display of snacks and a self serve bar.


Last but certainly not least the menu! Classic super bowl food, such as buffalo wings or bbq ribs, falls into the comfort food category. Because your guests will be preoccupied with watching the game, make the food easily accessible and even easier to eat! Don't forget our tips from last year and use the home towns of the playing teams for inspiration. You can adjust the menu according to your crowd, but here are some fun ideas from our new 2011 Super Bowl Menu.

Mini Pulled BBQ Sandwiches (Pork, Chicken, or Brisket) served on a soft bun with tangy slaw

Game day themed slider station

By: Elizabeth Goel -- Jan 27, 2011
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