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Mini Fish Tacos Displayed in Lime

Wedding Planning Tips: The Late Night Snack

Whether a wedding is based on tried and true traditions, or a modern affair with a twist, there is a formula that is almost certainly followed: First the ceremony, followed by a cocktail hour and meal, dancing and more drinking, cake, and some more dancing and drinking. At the end of the night, the crowd shrinks as people say their goodbyes and wish the happy couple well; but, there is always a crowd that keeps the party alive late into the night. Whether the party continues at the venue or moves to a family member's house or suite, it is only fair (and good sense) to offer those late night troupers a late night snack!

There are a number of ways to incorporate the late night snack concept into your wedding or party. One way is to have a dessert and candy display that stays out for people to munch on at their leisure. If you want to go with the dessert bar but want to offer a savory option as well, a gourmet cheese spread with fruit, nuts, and crackers is the perfect addition

Another popular option is to offer a round of appetizers one hour before the end of the reception. You can be sure the crowd remaining has worked up an appetite from all that drinking and dancing. Think about what people crave after leaving the bars at closing time. The majority generally crave salty snacks. Just visualize those taquerias and burger joints busting at the seams at 2am. Bite's Comfort Food and California Chic menus provide inspiration: Offer some mini bacon cheeseburgers, gourmet corn dogs, mac ‘n cheese bites, fish tacos, quesadillas, or mini pizzas. To be sure you have something for everyone, add in a tray of brownie bites and milkshake shots.

Mini Cheese Burgers with Brioche Buns

Mac'n Cheese Croquettes

Mini tacos served on limes

Today's reality for many people planning a wedding is a tight budget that may not allow for yet another round of food service. In this case, a fun way to add the late night snack is to combine it with the wedding favor. A small to-go bag of snacks, either savory or sweet with packaging that goes with your theme kills two birds with one treat.

By: Elizabeth Goel -- Feb 18, 2010
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