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Malibu Hills Backyard Ceremony Setup

Malibu Canyon Backyard Wedding

Malibu Canyon Backyard Wedding

There's nothing quite as intimate as a private home wedding. We recently catered a 50 person wedding in the backyard of a beautiful home in Malibu Canyon. To say that this wedding was fabulous would be an understatement! While the mother of the bride handled the lighting as well as the delicate pink and creme floral arrangements, Bite handled the rentals and catering needs for all 50 guests.

For this wedding, we arranged three different dinner stations to appeal to all guests. The goal was to create a relaxed, informal setting for the guests to feel comfortable and casual. We set up the the salad station, the gourmet slider station, and the pizza station next to each other to create an easy line for guests to get their food.

We also provided a bar setup on the client's newly renovated backyard porch where guests could relax, mingle, and sip on drinks while they overlooks the gorgeous Malibu Canyons all the way to the ocean. All in all, it was a perfect evening filled with delicious food, laughter, and love!

See the menu details below:

Malibu Canyon Backyard Wedding Menu

Tray-Passed Hors D ’Oeuvres

Mini BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers served on brioche buns - Guests could also choose a vegetarian option

Sweet Potato Fries Served in handheld cones

Edamame Hummus Crostini with Pomegranate Jewels

Dinner Stations

Salad Station: Roasted Autumn Red and Yellow Beets with arugula, goat cheese, toasted pecans and vinaigrette Asparagus Salad with Shaved Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes, Friseé, Tender Mixed Greens and a Honey Balsamic Dressing

Chef-Run Pizza Station: Wild Mushroom Pizza with truffle Bechamel and thyme; Pine nut Pesto Pizza with Fontina, Mozzarella, Parmesan, tomato and basil; Andouille Sausage with Caramelized Onion, Fontina and roasted cherry tomatoes; Vegan Pizza – Vegan Mushroom Pizza with mushrooms, vegan cheese and herb oil

Chef-Run Gourmet Slider Station: Mini Sliders Served With Assorted Flavors of Kettle and Veggie Chips; Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Gooey Cheese and Blue Cheese Celery Slaw; Italian Meatball Sliders with Basil Marinara and Mozzarella


Mini Pecan Pies - Father of the Bride's favorite!

Chocolate Drizzled Assorted French Macaron

Cashew-Crusted Key Lime Pies

Bride and Groom “Cutting Cake” with delicate flowers display on top

Bite also supplied Coffee Service as well as disposable plates, utensils, cups and napkins

Check out the pictures here:

Photo Gallery

Mini Burger Passed on Tree Tray
Veggie Burgers on Tree Tray
Pre-Wedding Conversations
Malibu Hills Backyard Chefs
Green Wood plates
Beet Salad
Vegan Pizza
Cut the Cake
Malibu Hills Backyard Salad Station
Malibu Hills Backyard Slider Station
Sausage Pizza
Dessert Station
Veggie Burgers On Tree Tray
Chips on Station
Cutlery in Baskets
Buffet Line
Wedding Cake
View of the Malibu Hills from Backyard
Malibu Hills Backyard Stations
Backyard Setup for Reception
Malibu Hills Backyard Dessert Station
Wine on the Bar
Pecan Pies
Pesto Pizza
Malibu Hills Backyard Aisle
Edamame Hummus Crostini
Malibu Hills Backyard Ceremony Setup
Dinner Lights
Pizza Grill
Malibu Hills Backyard Welcome Table
Malibu Hills Backyard Dessert Display
Malibu Hills Backyard Dessert Assortment
Asparagus Salad
Malibu Hills Backyard Beer
Malibu Hills Backyard Staff Bonding
Assorted Pizza Station
Guest Book for Wedding
Meatball Sliders
Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Receiving line on the porch
Gourmet Slider Station
Mushroom Pizza
Malibu Hills Backyard Bar Disposables Display
Malibu Hills Backyard Bar
Malibu Hills Backyard Coffee Station
Malibu Hills Backyard Table Display
Malibu Hills Backyard Fountain
Malibu Hills Backyard Pizza Station
Sweet Potato Fries in Newspaper Cone

View of Malibu Canyon from Backyard Porch

View of the Malibu Hills from Backyard

By: Elizabeth Goel -- Oct 24, 2014
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