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Event Production

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Event production is a critical, if mostly unseen/ under-appreciated, part of executing a catered event. This production process starts ahead of a proposal in shaping the catering and plan for the event around tentpole event objectives and then putting together the timeline and elements to make it all happen.

Key elements included in the production process may include (largely depending on service level and event needs):

  • Identifying and prioritizing event objectives/ success metrics and allocating budget accordingly
  • Identifying key people involved in planning, approval, and execution and getting their input/ involvement early
  • Drafting a storyboard for the event (including pre- and post-) to outline the expected experience (focused on the catering and service elements but acknowledging hand-offs to others)
  • Creating an event timeline with triggers and fallbacks. Tie to impacted people/ teams
  • Performing a site visit to document current state and equipment available. Performing detailed space measurements, testing of utilities, etc where precision required for execution
  • Connecting with the venue to understand onsite rules/ codes, security, loading policies, trash policies, onsite manager responsibilities, fire personnel involvement, etc
  • Outlining the flow of the event and the required furniture, equipment, signage, visuals, etc to accomplish
  • Creating a menu tied to the timeline and flow. Understand confirmation timelines to maintain highest food quality (note: you can’t delay things like fish once cooking has started)
  • Creating a staffing plan with expedited confirmation of key staff. Booking all required staff and/or specialty vendors
  • Sourcing and booking rentals related to the event’s flow and requirements
  • Reviewing the plan with client and keeping all changes up to date in a latest version
  • Communicating plan and key elements related to each individual role with team ahead of the event
  • Building theme-appropriate displays to use onsite and creating signage, menu cards, deploying props, etc

Event Production FAQs

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