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Covid Ceremony Turned to Fabulous Wedding Reception

We celebrated Emily and Steve's love at Thymele Arts a few weeks ago! This couple got married in the heat of the pandemic and now wanted to officially celebrate with friends and family. La Petite Photo took these gorgeous photos and I absolutely had to share.

Thymele Arts is an artistic hub that creates a beautiful event venue as well! They have multiple rooms (varying in size) available for rent, and all of which are filled with Los Angeles history, eclectic furniture, and unique elements.

On of the challenges we had to overcome with this event, was that the venue does not allow any open flame (including chafers). The couple still wanted a delicious buffet style spread, so we created a beautiful room temperature menu (and mainly veggie friendly) for their guests to enjoy. Here is what we put together:

Welcome Bites:

savory goat cheese cheesecake - with seasonal topping

slow-roasted tomato and herb tart - with feta (pictured above)

edamame hummus cucumber canape (vgn) - with pomegranate jewels and micro

belgian endive canapes (gf) - beet and whipped goat cheese

On the Buffet:

deluxe international 5-cheese spread - an assortment of 5 cheeses from around the world with fruit, nuts, cheese preserves and fine crackers

market chopped salad - our market-driven seasonal chopped salad with red wine vinaigrette

springtime vegetable medley - miso butter & spring herbs w/ baby potatoes, carrots, sugar snaps, yellow/green zuccini

pesto orzo salad - with spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onions, feta, red bell peppers

salmon cakes - with lemon-caper-dill sauce

asian noodle salad - organic soba noodles with assorted vegetables in a sesame-soy vinaigrette – served with peanuts on the side

organic fairtrade coffee and tea bar - milk, half and half, non-dairy creamer, assorted gourmet coffee syrups, sugar, fresh sliced lemon and sweeteners

A colorful cheese board during cocktail hour.


Our favorite savory goat cheese cheesecakes passed around.


A wonderful coffee and tea spread to end the evening.


By: Elizabeth Goel -- Jun 6, 2022
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