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Can I arrange a tasting of my menu?

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Can I arrange a tasting of my menu?

Custom Tastings

Your custom event menu tasting is an event in and of itself and we put a lot of work into it. We often have to get custom elements right including testing them against your requirements and thinking through how your items will work in the field or at your venue. We therefore charge accordingly. You should feel confident that what you select at your tasting is how it will be (adjusted for feedback) on the day of your event for the relevant guest count.

Group Tastings

Ask about upcoming tasting days at our venues. While you will not get your specific menu, you can try a variety of some of our most popular items

Pickup Tasting

If ordering off our a la carte menu, we may be able to put a number of the items of interest together as a pickup tasting for you. Please ask your contact for details.

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