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Catering Chef (Boutique Catering - Prep/ Events/ R&D) - Part-Time/ On-Call/ Seasonal

Talented, Detail-Oriented People Encouraged to Apply!


For consideration, please submit a resume/ cover letter describing your background, experience, availability, and anything else requested in the job posting to our staffing team: recruiting@bitecatering.net

Please note that the post may contain elements we ask you to include in your application - we consider those heavily as a mark of your detail-orientation and design thinking.

Please, no phone calls, and principals only (no recruiters/ staffing agencies)!

Catering Chef (Boutique Catering - Prep/ Events/ R&D) - Part-Time/ On-Call/ Seasonal

Looking for on-call prep/ event chefs for high end catering. Focus is on a mix of part-time + on-call or seasonal work through the holidays.

This position is an on-call role for someone with the bandwidth to help out on prep and events (and maybe a bit of recipe work as we prepare to go fully computerized). Generally this works well as a side-gig for someone with other things going on...we have a system where you can sign up for published shifts you can accept/ decline as your schedule allows.

Bite Catering Couture offers a catering chef role designed for smart, ambitious chefs who can do a bit of everything and like constantly stretching their boundaries. We're a high end catering company who's customers ask us to do very different things in any given week, so we need chefs who can wrap their head around different approaches based on what makes sense for the week.

We have a team of down-to-earth chefs all looking to teach and learn. You'll also get to use a wide range of equipment, get exposed to a wide range of food and production volumes. We also offer a kitchen full of chef toys to play with, R&D work to make it valuable, in-house recipe tech to communicate, and a general focus on improving every day.

Success in this role generally looks like:

  • Works clean and moves quickly (without hurrying)
  • Ability to give and take instruction/ feedback without ego
  • Excellent food delivered on time and to specification (can vary for same product based on event formats)
  • Previous experience in catering, banquet, or fine dining kitchen (or a fast learner with good underlying technique and understanding of fundamentals)
  • Chef "athlete" able to utilize many different skills and techniques appropriate to the item or situation.
  • Reliable windows of time that can be booked for on-call work (i.e., you can hold to your commitments)
  • Great at reading and suggesting edits for written recipes. Written recipes (and presentation pictures) are at the core of our kitchen operations and need to be adapted for production scale, new equipment, event conditions, etc.

Why work at Bite

We offer a great work environment centered in our Culver City-adjacent kitchen (with natural light!). We're a chef-run company with a focus on high quality productive work (without babysitting) with great colleagues who are adults who can manage their own mise en plus, work clean, and follow recipes. Our Event work can occur all over LA.

Also note: we value teamwork, curiosity, process, planning, and coaching over yelling and flying by the seat of our pants. We keep a collegial, respectful, quiet kitchen filled with self-motivated chefs.

What we're about:

Our tagline is “Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.” Our events reflect this across a range of different service levels (delivery to high end full-service) and themes (we’re known for a number of our thematic menus like high tea, small bites, and holidays).


  • Must have a reliable method of transportation, valid license and clean driving record.
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to use Microsoft Excel and kitchen software/ applications

Preferred Education/ Experience

  • Culinary Degree from a notable institution with a proven record of high achievement - Preferred but not required
  • Experience in high end catering operations and/or fine dining, banquets, or other demanding culinary environments
  • Demonstrated experience making lasting changes in places you have worked or taking intelligent risks in side projects or other endeavors. (would love to hear about how you built something or changed something rather than just talked/complained about it)


Prep: $16.50-$25/hr for prep. Rates above $22/hr are based on proven onsite performance/ productivity/ capabilities.

Events: $20-$30/hr (depending on role) for event work plus event bonuses

(Event work is prioritized for chefs who do the prep work to prepare it)


Please fill out an application (and related written questions) here: https://forms.gle/Fe14ycaZwmMY9yXD9

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Estimated Pay: Prep: $16.5 (intern) - $25/hr for prep, $20-30/hr for event work plus event bonuses or tips.

Location: Los Angeles, CA (near Culver City/ Palms)

Our Values

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