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Candy Bar - Bag your Own

Candy Bar

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Recommended Candy Bar Menus

Candy Bar

A candy bar can make for a gorgeous and fun display at social, wedding, and corporate events! We have options whether you want to arrange themed candies on a display for the look/ feel, add some height with long candies like Twizzlers or lollipops, bring some taffy to reflect an event by the water, or setup favorites for a screening or movie night!

We can source the candy, bring jars and display elements, create signs / labels, and bring all the utensils and bags you need to make a candy bar display a success!

Candy Bar Photos

Back to school themed popcorn and candy bar
Candy Bar with Game themed display
Sports Themed Candy Bar Display
Sweets Display for high end celebrity purse launch (Hayden Panettiere clutch)
Candy Bar - Bag your Own
Candy Display
Table with Sunflowers and Candy Apples
Candy Bar
Graduation/Birthday Party Candy Bar with Chevron Bags
Valentine's Candy Display
Rock Jelly Beans
Candy in jar
Licorice Swirls
Cotton Candy on Display
Self-serve Popcorn and Candy Display

Recommended Menus

Candy Bar Menu
Sweets by themselves on a display or combined with other things to make a theme

Download PDF: Candy Bar Menu

Candy Bar Menu
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