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Recommended Displays Menus

Displays / Tablescapes for Los Angeles Events

A display is a great option similar to a buffet, but usually spread out more across a room. The display format enables guests to serve themselves while interacting with a fun, and potentially themed display that can showcase food, an event's theme, or a sponsored product.

With service options, our servers will keep the display full and vibrant and we can help guests to move across your event with food, drink, and great company always at hand.

Explore menus of some of our favorites -- if you have a theme or specific need, we can supply many more ideas/ options -- inquire for more details!

Recommended Menus


Download PDF: Breakfast

Crostini/ Chip & Dip/ Hearty Platters

Download PDF: Crostini/ Chip & Dip/ Hearty Platters

Crostini/ Chip & Dip/ Hearty Platters
Displayed Bites

Download PDF: Displayed Bites

Displayed Bites
Tea Sandwiches/ Scones

Download PDF: Tea Sandwiches/ Scones

Tea Sandwiches/ Scones
Lunch/ Wraps

Download PDF: Lunch/ Wraps

Lunch/ Wraps

Download PDF: Desserts!


Download PDF: Beverages


Displays Photo Gallery

Crostini Bar Display
Brunch Display
Coffee Cake on Display
Breakfast Pastry Display on Buffet
Assorted Dessert Display
Dessert Bites displayed on top of casino cash
Shrimp Cocktail Shooters
Classroom themed slider display
Back to school themed popcorn and candy bar
RideOn Fundraiser Station
Mac N' Cheese Croquettes
Stations display at film premiere of Thomas the Train: King of the Railway
Company BBQ Salad Bar
Cheese & Charcuterie Display
Olive Oil + Crudite station
Olive Oil Station Closeup
Four Seasons Bridal Shower Brunch Bagel bar
Four Seasons Bridal Shower Brunch Bread & Pastry Bar
Four Seasons Bridal Shower Brunch Dessert Station
Graduation/Birthday Party International Cheese and Charcuterie Display
International Cheese and Charcuterie Display Closeup
Graduation/Birthday Party International Cheese and Charcuterie Display Closeup 3
Birthday dinner antipasto closeup
High Tea Display on White Risers
Pre-Ceremony Artisan Cheese and Charcuterie Display Tended by our Knowledgeable Server
A well-designed self-serve bar for an intimate wedding with our flavored water display
Antipasto and crostini display
International Tapas Display
Crostini and Caprese
Assorted Slider Bar
Popcorn Bar setup by open lounge area
Seasonal Buffet Setup
Angled view of a seasonal buffet
Lunch Buffet in Front of Window
Lunch and Learn
Citrus Salads
Buffet on Wooden Display
Orchards Harvest and Dessert with Flowers
Orchard's Harvest
Dessert Assortment with Tea and Fruit
Closeup of Welcome Appetizers Table
Bites Display
Dinner on Buffet Table
Antipasto Platter
Orchard's Harvest Platter
Grilled Vegetable Medley and Seasonal Salad
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