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Egg Fritatta and Quiche Closeup

Egg Bar

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Recommended Egg Bar Menus

Egg Bar

Eggs can be the highlight of a breakfast - and while omelets and scrambled eggs can come to mind for smaller events or ones with a looser timeline, we love quiches and frittatas for larger crowds or ones that need to move quickly through to a timed presentation.

We can offer chef-run stations presenting hearty egg dishes or something more like a display we can replenish for more casual events.

If you're looking for more full-service egg items, we can also incorporate them. Please let us know (some photos incorporated in the gallery below).

Egg Bar Photos

Mini Egg Souffle
Mini Eggy Breakfast Sandwiches
Green Eggs and Ham
Mini Eggy Bread sandwiches
Mini Scrambled Eggs in Bacon Cups
Egg Bar
Egg Fritatta and Quiche Closeup
Eggs n Bacon Closeup
Mini Stuffed Breakfast Potatoes
Assorted Mini Quiches

Recommended Menus

Egg Bar Menu
Creative menu with hearty eggs in fun quiches, fritattas, and breakfast sandwiches

Download PDF: Egg Bar Menu

Egg Bar Menu
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