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Working from home due to the Coronavirus brings a whole set of challenges, especially when schools have been closed, many restaurants have closed, and going to the grocery store brings its own special questions (Who are these people I'm standing right next to in line for the next half hour? How come they don't have wipes for the cart anymore? What staples that I was depending on will be stocked out today?)

The Work From Home menu offers a hybrid delivery model meant to address those concerns. Rather than grocery delivery from a retail establishment or restaurant delivery of generally a single meal, this is a hybrid meant to help you have a healthy family-style meal meant a family while also allowing you to skip a trip to the store with our pantry options. Hopefully this allows you to stay at home, enjoy children, get some work done, and reduce some stress in a stressful new situation. We also would recommend picking up some desserts that you can keep in your freezer, or getting a breakfast spread as well.

We appreciate your support, as we're fighting hard to stay open despite the freeze on our normal events business. Our chefs need work and we're trying to give them every opportunity to do so (while we monitor their health), rather than close our doors, as many others in our industry have done.

Recommended Menus

Family Meals

Download PDF: Family Meals

Family Meals
Fridge Fillers

Download PDF: Fridge Fillers

Fridge Fillers
Breakfast and Pantry

Download PDF: Breakfast and Pantry

Breakfast and Pantry

Download PDF: Dessert

Overview and Ordering

Download PDF: Overview and Ordering

Overview and Ordering

Work From Home Photos

Chopped Salad
Fiery Potato Salad
Tex Mex Salad
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