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Cupcake Toast - First Bite @ Wedding

Bringing Cultures Together With Catering

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Some of our most interesting menus have come from weddings where the couple came from different food traditions. In some families, this may be a simple undertaking of mutual admiration. In others, this may be a Cold War diplomacy scenario with serious consideration of either a destination wedding or elopement. Whatever the scenario, we'd love to hear about you, your plans, and your concerns.

We've seen couples decide to take a number of different approaches once they've thought through things:

  • Alternating different parts of the timeline to put a spotlight on one cultural element, so each is given a moment to shine
  • Creating multiple displays or stations at the same time, so that everyone gets a mix of the familiar and the new
  • Fusing elements of multiple cuisines into new items that reflect the best elements of both
  • Creating more interactive displays or stations to break the ice or literally "break bread"
  • Rotate servers with passed items in ways that create different zones that get people to mingle

Ultimately, there's no right way to bring families together, but it's generally the right thing to do. While families may bring some frustration, you love 'em and they'll always be there for you. We're happy to help you think through how you can make everyone comfortable and yet also open to seeing how the other side does things. And if you get the initial intros right, it's really going to be interesting seeing the combinations of different moves on the dance floor!

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