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Addressing Dietary Concerns

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Addressing Dietary Concerns

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

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Catering for your wedding can be a lot of fun, yet it also should take into account the needs of the people attending. We're happy to work with you to think through how to do both well.

Significant Allergies Need To Be Addressed in Advance

We request you ask your invited guests to let you know ahead of time if they have a significant or life-threatening allergy to any food-related ingredients. Nut allergies are among the most common. It is incredibly dangerous to attempt to solve for a life-threatening illness on the fly (there is always the chance of cross-contamination between foods in kitchens that do not specialize in food for a particular allergy). We recommend that they arrange for food they know is safe ahead of time, and we're happy to work with them to make arrangements ahead of the day of the event.

Known Guest Requirements Should Be Incorporated into Menus

The people being invited to your wedding may have set, inviolable requirements in order to enjoy their meal. Our experience is that ignoring them is likely to create grief during an otherwise happy day. We recommend in most audiences having at least silent options that address common dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) to ensure everyone has something good to eat and can focus on enjoying the event. Aside from actual food requirements, we ask that wedding couples pause to think about the needs of anyone who is elderly, ill, pregnant/ bringing young children, or physically disabled who they believe will attend. As you design your event just make sure to consult that list and make sure you feel good that there's an option and flow that will work for those specific needs.

Guest Norms and Preferences Can Be Fun To Play With

Here's where you can start to have some fun, as long as you're willing to take some risks. A wedding is often an opportunity to give people new experiences and expose them to things they may not have tried but that they're likely to enjoy (at least as a novelty). The trick is knowing where to stick to the norms of the group, and where to consciously take them out of their routine. Small bites may be foreign to a large plate crowd, so you may want to supplement with a stationary display. Specific ethnic cuisines may be outside the palate of less adventurous guests, so adding in some fusion items may make it more approachable. However in a more traditional group, adding in a favorite item unfamiliar to most can create a memorable experience and get stodgy relatives to try something new when they get back home.

Your Norms and Preferences Shape the Starting Points

It's tough putting all of the responsible stuff first. After all, this is your day! What are your priorities?

Some things we've seen from other weddings that may apply to you:

  • you may personally have a dietary concern that leads you to eat a special meal that may be different from your guests
  • you may want to show your guests that something they don't believe can be done is not only possible, but amazing
  • you may want to educate your guests about different approaches to sourcing or cooking food that reflect your values or experiences

We're always excited to hear what you're looking for and interested in and use it to craft the desired experience. We look forward to sharing ideas with you!

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