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Incorporating a Venue or Setting into Your Wedding Menu

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A wedding venue is often compelling because of the elements that draw a couple in, especially when they reflect other foundational stories. The venue by the sea can be an amazing jump off point to highlight a history growing up on a rocky New England coast. The industrial venue can bring out the stories of dating in the concrete jungle of New York. The venue with a lot of greenery overlooking a large meadow can speak to a love of hiking and the outdoors.

Does your venue speak to you in that way? If so, we would love to help you pull out the elements that can weave your menu into both the setting and your story.

There are also practical elements that may be important in thinking through your catering as it bumps into the realities of producing food in your selected venue. Some of the top elements we run into include:

  • spaces available for guest dining, especially if the space requires a flip
  • prep space / onsite cooking locations for the chef team
  • timeline of service relative to loading times and onsite equipment
  • exposure to the elements, especially cold or wind (and fallbacks in case of rain)

While we're familiar with a significant number of the venues in Los Angeles, more importantly, we can help you understand how some of the elements of your venue may impact the cost of doing certain things (and where you may be able to make other choices to better take advantage of the space you have). Where others may give you more of a cookie-cutter approach based on what they've done in the past, we'll instead map your priorities against the venue requirements and help you come up with the best way to take advantage of the space within your priorities and budget.

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