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Desserts on Holiday Buffet amongst Ornaments

Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day Catering

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Recommended Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day Catering Menus

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are wonderful times to bring together the varied branches and generations of family to reconnect, exchange gifts, pass down cherished recipes, and get up to date on the happenings of the past year.

If you're bringing more than a few people together, Bite offers a Christmas Eve delivery that can help you feed the hungry hordes that night or the next day. We offer heating/ finishing instructions and fun/ seasonal options that are delicious, nutritious, and present beautifully!

Please note that since we want our team to spend time with their families as well, that we will have early cut-offs for pickups and delivery on Christmas Eve (12/24). Staffing support is extremely limited (we have only a few volunteers), so please ask early if you want the help and expect holiday rates.

Some options:

  • Full meal: Check out our "Feast" package with a full meal laid out and available for delivery or pickup (off the 10 and Robertson).
  • Sides/ Salads/ Proteins: Want to make sure that your family's secret meatloaf or fruitcake recipe will be the centerpiece of the evening? We can help you supplement it with a range of delicious family-style salads, sides, proteins, and desserts.
  • Dessert: Want to do a bit more for Santa than milk and cookies? We offer some fun and festive holiday desserts!
  • Bites: We offer a range of holiday bites custom selected for the season
  • Christmas High Tea: We offer our signature high tea assortment or a la carte high tea selections.

Recommended Menus

Full Holiday Meal

Download PDF: Full Holiday Meal

Full Holiday Meal
Salads, Sides, and Proteins

Download PDF: Salads, Sides, and Proteins

Salads, Sides, and Proteins
Hot Hors D'Oeuvres
Delicious hot hors d'oeuvres

Download PDF: Hot Hors D'Oeuvres

Hot Hors D'Oeuvres
Just the Desserts

Download PDF: Just the Desserts

Just the Desserts
High Tea
An elegant classic high tea assortment

Download PDF: High Tea

High Tea
High Tea Accompaniments
A La Carte high tea selections

Download PDF: High Tea Accompaniments

High Tea Accompaniments

Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day Catering Photos

Holiday Dessert Assortment on Bite's Eco-Chic Disposable Wood Platters
Holiday Cake Pops
Holiday Dessert Assortment on Bite's Eco-Chic Disposable Wood Platters
Holiday Cupcakes for Christmas
Christmas Tree Under Stairs
Christmas Tree at Holiday Party
Holiday Assortment on Display
Snowman Cake Pops
Holiday Dessert and Coffee Display
Cute gingerbread guy
Mini Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Holiday Decor
Holiday Cheese and Charcuterie
Holiday Appetizer Table
Snowman Cookies
Gingerbread Whoopie Pies on Red Riser
Brownie Bites with Peppermint Sprinkles
Holiday Cupcakes for Christmas 2
Holiday Cookie Delivery
Bartender Shaking Up Some Drinks
Bar Surrounded With Lights
Vanilla with Swiss Buttercream Cupcake
Coffee-cardamom Walnut Cupcake
Snowman Eggnog Cake Pops
Holiday Party Setup in Office
Desserts on Holiday Buffet amongst Ornaments
Christmas tree in office
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