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Holiday Assortment on Display

Couture Los Angeles Holiday Party Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Couture Los Angeles Holiday Party Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Couture Los Angeles Holiday Party Catering Menus

Holiday Party Catering for Los Angeles Corporate and Social Events

Mingle All the Way!

It's the holidays again and we look forward to a celebrating the good things that happened over the course of the year while preparing for the new year to come.

Holiday catering is festive and fun. We design ours to fit in with decor, add some fun accents with popular themes, and create moments for guests to connect. Cameras sometimes come out to post pictures for all the social media as well. We generally see holiday parties coming in a few different flavors where we can help:

Offsite Company Holiday Party

An offsite company holiday party is a way for people across the company to get together in a more festive setting. If you're using an offsite location, there are so many creative options that open up that can give your team a memorable experience with a number of elements that surprise and delight.

Putting together sn offsite company holiday party usually starts by identifying who is coming, finding the right venue (atmosphere, size and location) and envisioning the party in the space while juggling different ideas (often with multiple decision makers) around theme, decor, timeline, entertainment, food, beverage and budget. The use of an event venue can add a lot of festive elements and space for people (especially if you are bringing together several office locations, customers, VIPs, business partners, +1's, etc). It can also add stress in needing to figure out an unfamiliar location, additional logistics, tighter timelines, rentals, lighting, A/V, and F&B. We love to help share our experience and contacts to help create something that will work well, so please reach out early in that process. We even have our own venue if a historic landmark with a large ballroom can be of help!

The catering portion of an offsite company holiday party can range from a formal sit-down plated meal to a less timed buffet to something that looks more like a cocktail style tray passed event or happy hour.

Offsite Customer Holiday Party

An offsite customer event is generally a way for sales reps, account executives, customer success, and integration partners to meet customers regionally in a more relaxed setting. Held generally in venues in central locations to customer populations, it allows for a low pressure environment for customers to meet the people they work with, have more relaxed/ informal conversations, and catch up on what is going to be coming in the big pushes that tend to start in Q1. Sometimes these will have significant signage and structure to ensure customers can get in touch with people in different functions. Other times, it's a more relaxed setting where name badges provide enough information for conversation to flow.

Given that the timeline of the offsite customer holiday party is generally fairly casual and framed as a drop-in during a specific time window, we usually see a more relaxed approach to the catering, with a greeting with some wine or bubbly, a bar in the back, and grazing table style displays or passed appetizers circulating.

Office Holiday Party

Hosting a holiday party in the office is a classic approach to the company holiday party. It was fairly straightforward in the era of expansive open offices where everyone came to work every day. Now, with mixes of hybrid work teams, shrinking office footprints, and less dedicated meeting spaces things can potentially be more of a challenge. If you're one of the lucky organizations with dedicated high quality conference or event space, then ignore all of the above!

The catering portion of an office holiday party is generally focused on creating a festive environment in one of the larger open spaces in the facility. We generally try to dress up an area with a big display and decor to make it feel a bit different than it does on a day to day basis. Facilities can shape what is possible, as there may be limited kitchen or prep areas, power may be limited, security access may introduce timing challenges, and access within the space to food and beverage may be constrained by the layout. We'd love to chat with you about any of these concerns and help you design a menu that will provide the best options for people to connect and have fun while minimizing the impact of any of these built in constraints.

Social Holiday Party

Social holiday parties provide the most variety as you're deciding who to let in your house! Do you invite the neighbors, the entire neighborhood, close friends only, business friends, children under 5, family including all of the uncles...there can be so many questions with personal twists. Figuring out the party in your home is generally the next step...does it stay inside? go outside? get cordoned off in certain rooms? Do you use the breakable but nice pieces vs. stick to the disposables? If you have concerns about power, kitchen space, how much can get warmed in your oven, and all those technical things - give us a shout...we're happy to help.

Once you've figured out who's coming and where you'll have them, we'd love to discuss the catering. We can do a fully custom plated sit-down dinner to passed appetizers to delivery of themed holiday cookies and everything in between.

Our Approach:

Our themed holiday menu is designed to offer a wide variety of options to fit your party or event needs. We have painstakingly designed these menus to capture the spirit the holiday season invokes - from platters and hors d'oeuvres to desserts and a scrumptious holiday feast with all the trimmings. Our holiday menu is amazing with service/ presentation and also available for delivery for smaller or simpler holiday parties...we show up, you enjoy your party! If you need a venue, please ask - we love to help you find one that fits your theme, size, and dates!

Have something specific in mind? We would love to work with you to design a menu and service that captures the look, feel or theme you want.

Whether you are gathering family, friends or colleagues, holiday parties are the perfect way to bring everyone together and end the year on a jubilant note!

Couture Los Angeles Holiday Party Catering Photos

Christmas tree in office
Chef preparing fresh ice cream using liquid nitrogen
Holiday Cocktail - Bourbon, grapefruit, thyme infusion, blackberry, vanilla
Chef Slicing Prosciutto
Table Setting with Winter Decor
Server passing champagne
Our pastry chef putting the finishing touches on a holiday tradition - our adorable gingerbread men are ready to party!
Raised blini with smoked salmon, caviar, creme fraiche and dill
Chocolate truffle brownie bites with peppermint
arancini di riso - mushroom risotto croquettes stuffed with italan cheese, truffle aioli
A holiday dessert display
Holiday Dessert Assortment on Bite's Eco-Chic Disposable Wood Platters
Holiday Assortment on Display
Chocolate Peppermint Brownie
Sonoma Salad on a Holiday Buffet
Closeup of Joy and Ornaments on Holiday Display
Sticky Toffee Pudding Dessert Shots on Holiday Display
Holiday Party Setup in Office
Brownie Bites with Peppermint Sprinkles
Snowman Eggnog Cake Pops
Holiday Desserts on Table with JOY sign and ornaments
Holiday Dessert and Coffee Display
Crystalline sugar sticks
Snowman Cake Pops
Desserts on Holiday Buffet amongst Ornaments
Holiday Dessert Display
Holiday Appetizer Table
Holiday Cookie Delivery
Holiday Dessert Assortment on Bite's Eco-Chic Disposable Wood Platters
Snowman Cake Pops on Display
Mini Burgers arranged with Mistletoe
Cute gingerbread guy
Mini Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Holiday Decor
Holiday dessert display
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Holiday Menu

Download PDF: Holiday Menu

Holiday Menu
Platters and Room Temp Bites
Great for large guest counts or office parties where oven capacity is limited. Items include sliders, canapes, tarts, savory cheesecake, blini, and more!

Download PDF: Platters and Room Temp Bites

Platters and Room Temp Bites
Hot Bites
Mini burgers, empanadas, bacon wrapped dates, meatballs, sausage rolls, are among the hearty options.

Download PDF: Hot Bites

Hot Bites
Desserts and Dessert Assortments

Download PDF: Desserts and Dessert Assortments

Desserts and Dessert Assortments

Download PDF: Feast

High Tea Assortment
Our elegant classic high tea assortment

Download PDF: High Tea Assortment

High Tea Assortment
High Tea Accompaniments
Enjoy our high tea menu in an a la carte format

Download PDF: High Tea Accompaniments

High Tea Accompaniments
Catering Services for Holiday Party

Office Holiday Parties

The holiday party is a time when one reflects with colleagues, friends, and family on the happenings of a year almost passed and the aspirations of the year soon to come. Company holiday parties can reflect a sense of appreciation for hard work and major accomplishments, while allowing spouses and significant others a chance to put faces behind the names of people they hear about all year.

An office party can range from a small delivery of festive apps and desserts to a full service event with themed menu selections, branded food, chef-run action stations...and don't forget the fun cocktail!

Please reach out and let us know what you have in mind - we would love to help you

Social Holiday Parties

The holidays bring friends and family together and we believe parties are for..well, partying!

From quaint family gatherings to big celebrations spanning generations of family and friends, each celebration is unique and we want to make sure you can enjoy every minute of it!

If festive delivery of platters, bites and desserts for a casual holiday get-together is more your style - we can do that!

If a luxurious serviced approach is more your style, we'll work closely with you to create a truly memorable event - designing a menu and service sure to create a festive and memorable evening.

Much of the flow of an event depends on what's being mixed, served and shared. We offer beverage stations, coffee bars and specialized, craft cocktail and mocktail creations sure to spread holiday cheer!

As a caterer we can help to provide the forum and the food that will get people to come and decide they want to stay.

Venues for Holiday Party

Holiday Party FAQs

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