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Shrimp Cocktail Shooters

Poker/ Game Night Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Poker/ Game Night Menus

Poker and Game Night Catering

Whether its a night for the guys or the gals, bring your chips and cards and we'll take care of the food!

On game nights we suggest hearty platters and small bites...no one wants to stop and eat dinner...but you also don't want hungry inner mobsters to come out and ruin all the fun

Poker/ Game Night Photos

Mini Fish Tacos Displayed in Lime
Shrimp Skewers
Mini Bacon Cheeseburger
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Casino Display
Casino Display Closeup
Assorted Dessert Display
Shrimp Cocktail Shooters
Chicken Satay
Platters on the Display
Display of Bites
Watermelon Salad Cubes with Feta, Micro Arugula and Balsamic Reduction
Crostini Bar Display
Asian Chicken Salad on Crispy Wonton Bites
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Smoked Salmon Blini and Tomato Herb Tart
English Sausage Rolls
Passed Mac n Cheese Bites on Wooden Peel
Smoked Brisket Picadillo Empanadas
Puff Pastry Cups on Slate Display
Cashew Crusted Key Lime Pie Bites
Veggie Burgers on Tree Tray
Assorted Macarons
Card Cookie Favors with Branding

Recommended Menus

Crostini and Hearty Platters

Download PDF: Crostini and Hearty Platters

Crostini and Hearty Platters
Cheeses and Charcuterie

Download PDF: Cheeses and Charcuterie

Cheeses and Charcuterie
Sliders, Tarts, Skewers, and Other Bites

Download PDF: Sliders, Tarts, Skewers, and Other Bites

Sliders, Tarts, Skewers, and Other Bites

Example Poker/ Game Night Events


Covid Ceremony Turned to Fabulous Wedding Reception

We celebrated Emily and Steve's love at Thymele Arts a few weeks ago! This couple got married in the heat of the pandemic and now wanted to officia...(click on highlighted event's name for more details)

Display of Bites

Poker Party display

We put together a beautiful display for a poker party. As seen, we focused on bite sized foods that could be eaten quickly and without much of a me...(click on highlighted event's name for more details)

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