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Thanksgiving Catering with Delivery Across Los Angeles

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Thanksgiving Catering with Delivery Across Los Angeles

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Thanksgiving Catering with Delivery Across Los Angeles Menus

Thanksgiving Catering Options Across Los Angeles

It's that time of year where we all give thanks for the people in our lives, our health, and the wonderful connection and contributions we share with so many others. Traditionally, in offices and homes across American we pause for a few days to appreciate, remember, and share in conversations that strengthen our bonds and relationships across the year to come.


You want a moist delicious turkey for your office or extended family, with flexibility around how much you’ll need in terms of stuffing, sides, pies. You know you need options for the vegetarians who also want to give thanks and you may need some help and decor if you’re in an office setting. Please note, many of our vegetarian items include dairy so they may not be the best fit for vegans.

We will be closed Thanksgiving day. Thank you for your understanding!

Office Thanksgiving

Bringing the office together for a Thanksgiving meal transcends a mere gathering around a table; it represents an opportunity to foster a culture of gratitude, enhance team cohesion, and create an atmosphere where employees feel valued and recognized. In the contemporary corporate landscape, where remote work and digital communication often dilute personal connections, a communal meal can serve as an essential touchstone for company culture and employee well-being. For many teams, the holiday season represents a substantial amount of revenue and work and so taking a few hours to connect the team and reflect on a shared camaraderie and sense of purpose can make a big difference!


  • November 1-21
  • Please take a look at the "Office Thanksgiving" menu at the bottom as another option if you have a larger group in more limited facilities (25+ people)
  • If you have a smaller group (less than 25) we can still help! Please reach out for more information.

Thanksgiving Dinner Order a Traditional Turkey Dinner or just get sides and pies!

Don't want to cook at all? We can provide the entire feast! Like to cook but need some help with certain dishes? From sides to dessert we offer a plentiful array of delicious sides and dessert that are sure to make your Thanksgiving feast a delicious success!

We provide all that, while also making sure our team gets home to celebrate with their families (so we provide warming instructions for Thanksgiving Day)


  • Pick-up locations available near Culver City and Long Beach
  • Wednesday 11/22 between 9 am and 2 pm
  • Delivery available Wednesday for food orders over $750 (additional cost)

Recommended Menus

Thanksgiving Catering
Beautiful Thanksgiving food

Download PDF: Thanksgiving Catering

Thanksgiving Catering
Mains and Sides
The classics - turkey, stuffing, gravy, and more!

Download PDF: Mains and Sides

Mains and Sides
Sides and Desserts
Salads, sides, pies and more!

Download PDF: Sides and Desserts

Sides and Desserts
A curated combination of classics and favorites. A classic Thanksgiving meal.

Download PDF: Feast

Office Thanksgiving
A menu made for larger groups (25+) in a facility without kitchen equipment. Quantities more appropriate for an in-office meal. Please note: only available through Tues 11/26

Download PDF: Office Thanksgiving

Office Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Catering with Delivery Across Los Angeles Photos

Cranberry Sauce with Orange @ Thanksgiving
Pumpkin Pie @ Thanksgiving
Pecan Pie Against Holiday Backdrop
Pumpkin Pie
Spiral Sliced Ham
Thanksgiving Turkey w/ Roasted Vegetables
Thanksgiving Turkey w/ Roasted Vegetables - Closeup
Thanksgiving Turkeys in a Row
Pre-Turkey Nibbles
Smoked Salmon Dip and Hummus Duo
Assorted Individual Pies
Mac 'n cheese and Italian Fennel Sausage on the Pasta Station
Provencal New Potatoes
Roasted Beet Salad
Spanish Harvest Salad in Wooden Tray
Salads and Bread on the Backyard Buffet
Spiral Spiced Ham
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