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Funeral/ Memorial/ Celebration of Life Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Funeral/ Memorial/ Celebration of Life Catering

Designed Thoughtfully. Crafted Lovingly. Presented Beautifully.®

Recommended Funeral/ Memorial Menus

Funeral/ Memorial Photos

Display of Hors d'Oeuvres
Mini Egg Souffle
Passed Egg Rolls
Fruit Salad
Shrimp Skewers
Charcuterie Display
Smoked Salmon Blini
Shrimp quesadilla bites with tropical salsa
Chocolate truffle brownie on tray
Guests talking amongst cocktail tables
Watermelon Cubes at Torrance Cultural Arts Center
Chocolate cupcake on red riser
Stationary hors d'oeuvres on contemporary display
Asian duck pancakes
Sauteed Polenta Cakes with Mushroom Ragu and Microgreens
Spanish Manchego with Quince Paste Crostini for Funeral Menu at Torrance Cultural Arts Center
Coffee and Beverage Service
Dessert Assortment on Table w/ Eco-Friendly Disposables
Mediterranean Meze and Edamame Hummus
Table w/ Assorted Fruit, Cheese and Charcuterie, Tea Sandwiches
Herb Shrimp and Mini Burgers on Buffet
Buffet Table
Indian buffet (chaferless)

Celebration of Life/ Funeral/ Memorial Catering

A celebration of life is an important step toward bringing loved ones together and having the conversations that recall memories, relate stories, and speak to the life and love of the person who has been lost. They may occur around the time of the funeral / wake or later - when people have the time and energy to gather and any religious requirements have been fulfilled.

Arrangements can be overwhelming -- we're here to help

We also can offer you some time with our event planners to give you one less thing to worry about.

  • Ability to work at short notice
  • Helpful and sympathetic staff
  • Quality, home-made foods: fork buffets, finger buffets, afternoon teas
  • Flexibility with portions as well as guest numbers as we know travelers can be unpredictable

Our Approach to Catering for a Celebration of Life

The loss of a loved one is devastating and the prospect of making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming. We know that this is a difficult time for families with a lot to do in a short time. We hope we can provide some comfort with delicious food and warm service.

Our approach is to simplify requirements and create food that can adjust to what often are changing circumstances and guest counts as details and travel arrangements become more clear and related family discussions also create clarity around what the loved one and the family would want. We can do a mix of simple deliveries, serviced events for a smaller gr

Celebration of Life - Venues

The right venue for holding a celebration of life is as varied as the lives that they honor. We've helped create affairs of state for people with a significant leadership role and held them in large university spaces where they had strong affiliations. We've helped many families hold them in religious institutions ranging from churches to cathedrals. We've assisted in special areas set aside in funeral homes. We've held them in special event venues including our own. We've held them in private homes of the individual or their family where long conversations have gone deep into the night.

We're able to help at different levels with different levels of space and infrastructure. If you need help, we're able to work with what you know or help you find a space that might work well for your group. Let us know how we can help.

Recommended Menus

Hearty Platters
Our hearty platters arranged together create a beautiful grazing table.

Download PDF: Hearty Platters

Hearty Platters
Room Temperature Bites
Displayed or passed our room temperature canapes bring elegance and ease as they require no heating

Download PDF: Room Temperature Bites

Room Temperature Bites
Room Temperature Bites

Download PDF: Room Temperature Bites

Room Temperature Bites
High tea Assortment
A popular and easy menu - our high tea menu presents beautifully and it can serve as a light or heartier menu when paired with extra sandwiches, salads and sides

Download PDF: High tea Assortment

High tea Assortment
Tea Sandwiches

Download PDF: Tea Sandwiches

Tea Sandwiches
Related Menus

Example Funeral/ Memorial Events

Displayed bites on Table

Funeral Reception Catered at Torrance Cultural Arts Center

A couple of weeks ago my team and I catered a funeral memorial event at Torrance Cultural Arts Center located in Torrance, CA. I feel very honored ...(click on highlighted event's name for more details)

Related Services

For more details on our funeral/ memorial catering services please either:

Phone: 310-401-3397 or contact us via our Online Catering Request Form

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